BōKU International Teams with The Consumer Wellness Center to Launch Super Food for Soldiers

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Fighting on several fronts, America’s troops are doing their best to keep our country safe and strong. On the home front, BōKU® International and The Consumer Wellness Center are doing what they can to help keep the troops themselves as strong as they can be. The two American organizations have joined to develop Super Food for Soldiers. This program donates a percentage of BōKU® Super Food sales to send nutrient dense BōKU® Super Food to American soldiers on the front lines.

This campaign was created by Mike Adams the Health Ranger, Executive Director of the CWC, and Reno Rollé, Co-Founder of BōKU® International. They are big believers in bringing the benefits of potent whole food, organic nutrition to as many people as possible. “I respect and sincerely appreciate the important job our soldiers do to defend and protect good people around the world. These men and women need vital, organic nutrition… to ensure optimal performance in the field, [and] also to protect themselves from the physical and emotional stress that can wreak havoc on their bodies and immune systems,” says Rollé.

BōKU® Super Food helps to accomplish this because it is a blend of some of the most powerful, nutrient rich ingredients on the planet, containing the essential vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, probiotics and enzymes to keep the body at peak performance levels. It is USDA certified Organic, Vegan and Kosher as well as soy-free, wheat-free and non-GMO. “Maintaining the health and alertness of our troops is critical,” Rollé added “We look forward to demonstrating the amazing difference it makes when the body is flooded with this kind of intense organic nutrition as opposed to nutrient depleted processed food and harmful energy drinks.”

To participate, customers can visit www.superfoodforsoldiers.org to be sure that a portion of their purchase will go towards this worthy cause.

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