The Goodness of Nature

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BoKu Whole Super-food has given me an incredible amount of increased energy noticeable within the first week of trying this highly nutritious product.

I’m usually down a bit in blood iron and this super-food seems to nicely regulate it for me. I’m hypo-glycemic (low blood sugar) and should eat every couple of hours, though it isn’t always possible and not always do I feel like eating that often.  When I start to feel a bit shaky (the first sign) and start noticing a bit of brain fog, I mix BoKu Whole Super-food with an 8 ounce glass of pure (not from concentrate) orange juice.  This whole super-food and the goodness of fresh orange juice is an amazing, energetic pick-me-up and keeps me nourished up until my next meal.

Try mixing BoKu Super-Protein (Gluten-free) and BoKu Whole Super-food with a raw egg, banana, fresh/frozen berries, and your favourite pure fruit juice or pure water for a wonderful protein breakfast/anytime shake.

The nifty BoKu Shaker with its mini ball-whisk is a fantastic and convenient little gadget to have, so don’t forget to get yourself one!

Just like that, “You’ll have the ‘Goodness of Nature’ that Mother intended to feed you!”  Donna K Calgary, AB


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