Nettle Leaf Benefits, Known as a Supreme “Kidney Cleanser”

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Did you know that BoKU Superfood has over fifty natural, organic ingredients in it? In this blog series, we are highlighting some of these lesser-known super foods. We hope you enjoy learning a little bit of the incredible health benefits that these foods can provide.

One of our favorite special ingredients is nettle leaf. Nettle leaf is also sometimes called “stinging nettle” because of the small, hollow stinging hairs on it’s leaves and stems. Cooking or steeping the nettle leaf renders these little hairs harmless.

Nettle Leaf Over the Centuries

Nettles have been used for centuries as a medicine and also as a food. Cooked or sauteed nettle leaves have a similar taste to spinach and are found in many Indian and Nepalese dishes. Stinging nettle soup is also a common dish served in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Nettle Leaf Benefits

Nettles are also found in many tisanes, or herbal teas. In particular, nettle leaves are often found in teas that promote healthy pregnancy, as they are thought to provide many health benefits to both the expectant mother and her fetus. Many women drink nettle leaf tea late in their pregnancy to help prepare their bodies for labor.

Nettle leaves are prized for their high concentration of calcium, chlorophyl, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, D, and K. Nettles leaves are also thought to have many beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. They are thought to help reduce inflammation in the urinary tract. Many people believe that nettles are a diuretic, helping to cleanse and improve bladder and kidney functions. Additionally, many men use nettle leaf to help reduce inflammation in the prostate.

Nettles have also been used to help combat common allergies such as hay fever. Studies have shown that nettles have antihistamine properties that may help reduce allergic symptoms such as sneezing and itching. Nettles may also help reduce certain skin inflammations such as eczema.

Buy nettle leaf found in our Boku Superfood blend because we love it’s high concentration of chlorophyl, iron, vitamins, and it’s urinary and kidney cleansing properties.

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