Boku Mission Statement:

“To positively impact the highest number of people possible, with the healing power of natural, organic nutrition.”


Boku Core Values:

Love for our customers and co-workers
Life lived long and to its fullest everyday
Passion to be a strong nutritional advocate and educator
Integrity and Character in every business endeavor
Value provided to our customers in product quality and service
Courage that stands firm under pressure
Trust, Truth & Honesty within our BõKU™ team
Earth-friendly at all times

BōKU® Super Food was born out of necessity. When founders Lynn and Reno Rolle´ learned that their son was diagnosed with a focus problem in 1994, they rejected the automatic prescription for mind-altering pharmaceuticals and began searching for natural, less harmful alternatives. They consulted a naturopathic physician who experienced recent success using super green algaes, spirulina, and other potent, live foods. Skeptical at first, the results quickly ignited their passion for using food as medicine.

“We began to realize that nutrition plays a huge role in our health and wellness and that nature might offer actual solutions to many ailments and health challenges”, noted Lynn Rollé. Over the years they sampled and familiarized themselves with various Super Food products and ingredients from all over the world. The Rollés began working with the most amazing minds in Nutritional Science to create what would become the ultimate full spectrum Super Food.

After several years and countless formulations, BōKU® International was officially launched in October of 2007. All of the company’s products are USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan. Completely free of GMOs with no fillers of any kind, no wheat, dairy, soy or gluten. Only the most pristine, nutrient dense, health forming ingredients in the world. According to the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, “There is more nutrition in one tablespoon of BōKU® Super Food than the average person will consume in several days”.

Boku SuperFoods for Healthy Living

Now with a full line of the world’s leading super food products including a revolutionary BōKU® Super Protein powder and chocolate fudge brownie Super Food Bar, BōKU® has garnered numerous awards and thousands of loyal customers in 65 countries throughout the world.

With the exception of medical wellness centers and the world’s finest spa resorts, BōKU® products are only available online, shipped directly to consumer’s homes.