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BoKU® Super Food was born out of necessity. When founders Lynn and Reno Rolle learned that their son was diagnosed with a focus problem in 1994, they rejected the automatic prescription for mind-altering pharmaceuticals and began searching for natural, less harmful alternatives.

They consulted a naturopathic physician who experienced recent success using super green algaes, spirulina, and other potent, live foods. Skeptical at first, the results quickly ignited their passion for using food as medicine.

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Mariel Hemingway - Healthy actress

Mariel Hemingway

Author of Mariel’s Kitchen: Simple Ingredients for a Delicious and Satisfying Life on Boku Products

“With Boku, you can always rest assured that you’re purchasing the most delicious, 100% USDA organic products of the highest possible quality”

View Mariel’s Site and see Boku Life products on her Open Sky page.

John Pierre - nutritional consultant

John Pierre

“My clients enjoy Boku products and appreciate both the taste and high quality of the ingredients used. Boku nutritional bars have proven to be an invaluable on-the-go food for busy clients seeking good nutrition, exceptional ingredients, and superior taste.”

View John’s Nutritional Site

Juliana Sproles - Obstacle Course Champion

Juliana Sproles

World’s Toughest Mudder Powered by Boku Super Food

“I’m an elite, endurance athlete and I’ve found that BoKU Super Food fits my nutritional needs. It’s the power that I need to continue competing.”

View Juliana’s Facebook to follow her latest competitions

Junyong Pak at 2013 Tough Mudder

Junyong Pak

Two-time winner of the world’s most badass obstacle course race, Tough Mudder, reveals how he stays fit for the challenge.

“I also use three things regularly from Boku Superfood: their protein, energy bars and super-fuel. I find it extremely important to take this in immediately after I work out.”

View Junyong’s Facebook to follow his training


Mandy Blank

Mandy Blank is one of the most widely recognized fitness models and competitors in the world.

Try the same BoKu nutritional health products Mandy Blank keeps in her arsenal of tools to sculpt the healthy human body with fitness.

View Mandy’s Site on Fitness


Israel Idonije

NFL Defensive End, Chicago Bears

“BoKU Super Protein is amazing! Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.”

Israel’s Wiki Page and Foundation


Dave Mason

Accomplished Musician, and BoKU Fan

Dave uses BoKU to fuel his body and deliver organic nutrition to his body.

View Dave’s Site

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