Boku Bars

FAQ BOKU® Bars™ for Raw Energy Bars

1. Can you explain what “cold processed” means and why it is beneficial?
We gently blend all of our ingredients into a base of rich creamy Organic Almond Butter. BOKU® Bars™ are slowly formed while maintaining the integrity of the vital nutrients within. Many “nutrition bars” on the market are baked (even when they don’t tell you). BoKU® Bars™ are always cold processed, thereby making them the most nutritious and fresh bars available.
2. Why is the bar “deliciously potent?” Is it because it’s so chock-full of nutrients?
Many foods and natural substances that have potent nutritional properties taste horrible. Even though BoKU® Bars™ are delicious, they are also super nutritious! With 15 grams of organic vegan protein and 11 grams of gentle fiber, BoKU®Bars™ really stand out. Boku® Bars™ also contain our award winning Boku Super Food™, with over 40 organic, vegan, and kosher super food ingredients.
3. You mention organic strawberries but then that it has a fudge brownie taste — are there more than one flavor being offered?
We currently have a single flavor of BoKU® Bar™. Not only does it taste and feel like a fudge brownie but it also contains little bits of tantalizing organic strawberries throughout the bar.
4. How are BoKU’s® Bars™ different from other nutritional bars out there?

The ultimate difference is that the BoKU® Bar™ was your idea! Mike Adams the Health Ranger ( asked health savvy people all over the world what they wanted in their “perfect” nutrition/protein bar. More than 1,500 of you responded with detailed “wish lists.” BoKU® Master Formulator, Dr. BJ Adrezin, “synergized” all of these desires to create what is now the BoKU® Bar™.

The BoKU® Bar™ is filled with the finest Organic certified, super foods from around the world. This was a true labor of love. No expense was spared in preparing and offering the BoKU® Bar™. It is Organic/Vegan/Kosher Certified. The BoKU® Bar™ is also Gluten-free, Wheat-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free, Low Sodium, and Non-GMO.

5. Will the bars provide the same energy boost as the super food and protein powders?
The BoKU® Bar™ contains a mixture BoKU® Super Food™ and the main component of BoKU® Super Protein (Organic Raw Sprouted Whole Grain Brown Rice Protein) packed in a base of rich Organic Almond Butter. The BoKU® Bar™ offers long sustaining energy and nutrition.
6. You say the bars are the “perfect lunch replacement” – I would clarify that you’re not recommending these as a diet bar to replace a full balanced meal, but rather as a supplement in case people don’t have time for lunch (if this is correct?)
Exactly! Lunch is ideal when it contains a full complement of fresh fruit and vegetables. We all experience times when we just need to “grab something” on the run and keep going. Since BoKU® Bars™ are large, nutrient dense bars they are the perfect replacement for when you can’t sit down for a nutritious meal. The 15 grams of organic protein and 11 grams of organic fiber deeply satisfy and help maintain a steady stream of energy throughout the afternoon.
7. How would you describe the taste, is it moist & chewy?
BoKU® Bars™ have a rich chocolaty fudge brownie taste. The chocolate comes exclusively from Organic Fair Trade Certified Cocoa. It is a dense, rich bar, yet still moist and chewy.
8. Is the bar good for kids?
The BoKU® Bar™ is a perfect nutritious treat for kids! Since it is a very large bar, you can divide one BoKU® Bar™ into 2-3 bars for a readymade delicious snack for the children. The BoKU® Bar™ is not as sweet as “candy bars,” so the children can enjoy themselves without becoming “sugared out.”
9. What are Biodynamic raisins?
“Biodynamic” refers to a farming method that purports to grow produce that is especially vibrant and nutritious. This method emphasizes the holistic development of the farm as a whole and interrelationship of the soil, plants and other organisms in a self-nourishing system.
10. When you say “By the people for the people”, what do you mean?
See #4 above.
11. Can this bar be used a meal replacement?
See #6 above.
12. How was solar energy used to produce these bars?
Right now, solar energy is a part of the production process. By the beginning of January, we plan to be 100% solar powered!!!!
13. I noticed oil when I open wrapper, what is it from? 
That’s great! When Organic Almond Butter is warm, a little bit of fresh oil will rise to the top of the bar. This means the bar is pure with no artificial emulsifiers. If you store the bar in a cool place, the organic almond oil will reabsorb into the bar.
14. How long will the BoKU® Bars™ last unopened?
BoKU® Bars™ have a 1 year “best buy” date. All bars will become firm over a short period of time. This is normal. If you eat your BoKU® Bars™ within a couple of months of receiving them, you will have the optimal BoKU® Bar™ experience.
15. Can I refrigerate the Boku Bar?
The BoKU® Bar™ was created to be stored at room temperature. Some people like the temperature and texture of a refrigerated or frozen bar. Experiment on your own and let us know which way you like them best!
16. Why do you use Organic Agave Nectar in the Boku Bar?

We know that there is a lot of talk on the Internet about many agave products being adulterated with high fructose corn syrup. The Boku Bar actually contains Organic RAW Premium Blue Agave Nectar.  Boku International pays much more to get the “real deal.” Our organic agave is specially prepared at low temperatures to maintain its nutrient content and boost its status as a Latin American Super Food. Organic Agave Nectar is the liquid RAW VEGAN sweetener of choice for pristine products, such as organic coconut milk ice cream, organic artisan raw chocolates, etc.

There has also been talk of agave being higher in fructose than other sweeteners. This is true. Similarly, there is a significant amount of fructose in organic honey and cane sugar, as well as dried fruit. Sucrose is made up of half glucose and half fructose. Most people eat too much sugar and are therefore getting large doses of fructose as well. Boku doesn’t recommend people eating large amounts of concentrated sweeteners on a regular basis and the bar is well balanced. The Boku Bar was purposely formulated to be sweet, but not overly so, like many other bars in the market. The Boku Bar is a super nutritious addition to a diet ideally high in organic fruits and vegetables.

17. Where does the Boku Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bar fall on the Glycemic index?
The Boku Bar’s have not been officially tested for the glycemic index. Anytime you mix a fat, fiber and/or protein with a sweetener (or any carb), it significantly lowers the glycemic index of the whole mixture. The Boku Bar is rich in healthy fat from organic almond butter, fiber and protein. This would help to support a nice slow absorption of carbs into the body.