Super Food

Boku Superfood Powder Frequently Asked Questions

Optimal SuperFood Use Questions

How do I take Bõku™?
Many people enjoy Bõku™ in a large glass of water but you can blend it with almost any liquid.
How long should I use Bõku™ Super Food before I begin to notice results?
Some people feel the effects right away but for others it make take a day, a week, or more, depending on your current diet and health history. When you give your body the super nutrients found in Bõku™ Super Food on a regular basis, it will respond with increased health and vitality!
I’m already taking a vitamin supplement – why take Bõku™ Super Food Powder?
Multivitamins are generally synthetically produced. Bõku™ Super Food contains naturally-occurring, non-toxic whole food vitamins and minerals that are more readily absorbed than synthetic supplements. Unfortunately many vitamins end up passing through our bodies as waste. With Bõku™, direct delivery proves an advantage and many feel the beneficial impact immediately. Bõku™ Super Food provides thousands of naturally-occurring, deeply healing phytochemicals/phytonutrients that isolated vitamins do not.
When is the best time to take Bõku™ Super Food, and how often?
Anytime you wish. Bõku™ Super Food is not a stimulant, though it can be very energizing. Start with once a day for the first month or so, and then begin experimenting with a Bõku™ blend in the morning and one in the afternoon. Bõku™ Super Food is great as a pre- or post- workout boost!
Should I take Bõku™ Super Food on an empty stomach?
Bõku™ Super Food can be taken on an empty stomach and is assimilated more effectively if taken before eating solid food. It can be taken with a light meal if preferred.
Will Bõku™ Super Food initiate detoxification and cleansing reactions?
For some, yes. If you have been eating a diet full of processed, chemically-laden foods, you may experience a cleansing reaction when first taking Bõku™ Super Food. Bõku™ Super Food contains some of the most powerful and cleansing nutrients found in nature, and as a result it can initiate beneficial detoxification and cleansing reactions. For most people, this process will go on “behind the scenes.” If you do experience any uncomfortable reactions, such as headaches or loose bowels, simply take a smaller dose and build back up to a full dosage once you feel better.
Since Boku is so nutritionally dense, how would you compare a daily dose of Boku to eating natural foods?
BõKU™SuperFood can not and should not replace a healthy, preferably organic, whole foods diet. We need fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and fats, quality protein, and a diverse selection of complex carbohydrates every single day. Boku enhances and can easily replace synthetic supplements, and adds such an important element to the diet, it would be impossible to eat or even find the quantity and quality of food available in it on a daily basis.
What are the health benefits of using BõKU™ Super Food?
Have you ever taken a vitamin pill or nutritional supplement? Why? Most likely because it’s almost impossible to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need to stay healthy from the foods we eat alone everyday. But most vitamins in a pill form just pass through our bodies because they have been chemically processed, extracted by heat, and in turn become something your body hardly recognizes. Most nutrients and vitamins need to be recognized as food for the body to assimilate. Imagine a table full of organic vegetables and fruits: it’s not practical to eat this everyday, but imagine if this pile of goodness was dehydrated and ground up into a fine powder that will mix well with any of your favorite liquids. Now we realize that eating healthy can be convenient, which is a major benefit of using BõKU™ Super Food

Serving Concerns

How many servings are in a bottle of Super Food?
One serving size = one tablespoon
Our 10 ounce bottle contains 30 servings.
Our 30 ounce bottle contains 90 servings.
Do men, women and children all take the same amount of Bõku™ Super Food?
We recommend one tablespoon for adults and a 1/2 tablespoon for children. The usage level can be increased or decreased as desired.
Can I take too much Bõku™ Super Food?
This is highly unlikely. Bõku™ Super Food is a 100% non-toxic, natural food. It’s important to note that Bõku™ Super Food is not a supplement. It is a broad-spectrum super food. It is virtually impossible to overdose with Bõku™. Mega-dosing is not only safe, but encouraged. Depending on the individual and the level of toxicity, there may be adverse reactions to the cleansing benefits of Bõku™. Common sense is the way to go. We suggest you start off with the recommended serving, and gradually increase the amount to your liking.

SuperFood Ingredients Questions

Is Bõku™ Super Food Organic?
Bõku™ Super Food’s formula is comprised of over 95% of the finest organic ingredients. The remaining ingredients come from protected, wildcrafted sources found in nature.
Is your product gluten free?
Purity of product is a big concern today for those purchasing natural supplements. Can you tell me about your production facilities?
Boku Super Food is hand blended and packaged with care in a state-of-the-art facility in the USA.
What is BõKU™ Super Food?
We believe that Boku SuperFood is the highest quality, most nutrient dense Superfood formulation on the planet and the healthiest thing a person could ever consume. Superfoods are plants, vegetables, roots and fruits that are highly nutritious and health forming. BõKU™ Super Food is an award winning, proprietary blend of the most potent, certified organic superfoods in the world.
What is the product formula?
Our secret!
Why do you have 3 different potency enzymes?
Protein generally is very challenging to digest so we use 3 different potency of protease plus Bromelain and Papain to work on the wide range of pH levels in the digestive system.
How does the mushroom blend in your product affect Candida?
Our BoKU Take’ Blend is a combination of functional mushrooms that help support a healthy intestinal tract and help support the immune system to keep candida in check!
What if I find a lump in my BoKU Super Food? Is it still safe to eat?
If you do find any lumps in your BõKU™ Super Food it is most likely an ingredient that wasn’t completely powdered during the mixing process. This can happen when dealing with organic products. Reddish lumps may occasionally be found in BõKU™. They are only strawberry chunks which are difficult to mix entirely due to how sticky they can be. They are not a problem and do not interfere with the quality of the product.
Who formulates BõKU™?
Dr. BJ Adrezin is our “Bõku™ Super Doctor.” He is our Master Formulator and Chief Medical Advisor. You can find his bio in the “About Us” section of this website.

Flavor Questions

What does Bõku™ Super Food taste like?
Bõku™ has a very neutral taste and is especially mild for such a green, vegan, super nutrient-dense food. We believe, and have heard from thousands of satisfied customers, that Bõku™ Super Food is the best tasting green super food product on the market. It mixes easily with your favorite juice or beverage.
Do kids like the taste of Bõku Super Food?
Our customers tell us that their kids love Bõku™ Super Food blended into a glass of chocolate soy or rice milk.

Product Comparison Questions

What makes Bõku™ Super Food formula better than other super green foods?
Bõku™ International secured nutrition expert, Dr. BJ Adrezin, to create the world’s most powerful super food formula. Dr. Adrezin combined the purest organic, alkalizing greens with potent quantities unique, rejuvenating super foods, such as: organic maca root juice, organic goji berry juice, 14 organic specialty mushrooms, etc. Every Bõku™ Super Food ingredient is nutrient-dense. We use absolutely no fillers of any kind. Dr. Adrezin carefully balanced every ingredient to create a one of a kind super food blend.
How does BõKU™ Super Food differ from other types of health food products?

My husband and I brought in master formulator and superfoods expert, Dr. BJ Adrezin – the Medical Director of the Center for NutriLongevity™ in Lake Oswego, Oregon – to create the most unique and potent superfoods formula in the world. Besides our incredible formulation, the introduction of BõKU™ marks the first time in history that a product with such high quality ingredients and meticulous handling has been available to the public at a price that people can reasonably afford. We realized that in order for the public to benefit from the power of superfoods, it needed to be at a price the public can afford. This was achieved with direct cooperation of all suppliers and farmers, and a very unique, direct-to-consumer business model.

The reality is, organic raw ingredients are not mass produced. We had to sell the idea to farms and suppliers that by working together in this mission to provide precious ingredients at a lower price, their investment will pay off in the long term.

How does BoKU Super Food compare to other super foods?
For a detailed comparison chart please open this Superfood comparison.

Miscellaneous SuperFood Questions

Can I take Bõku™ Super Food and still drink coffee?
While there are no known negative effects between Bõku™ Super Food and coffee, Bõku™ Super Food has natural and beneficial energizing effects, so after drinking it, you may not even have the need for a “caffeine buzz.”
Do I need to refrigerate Bõku™ Super Food after I open it?
We don’t recommend it! . Bõku™ Super Food is in a dry stable powder. Refrigerators tend to hold moisture & the inside of a refrigerator can vary wildly depending on: how often its opened & closed & where you live. Once mixed with liquid & re-hydrated, the enzymes in the food reactivate putting it back into a raw state. We recommend drinking it quickly or keeping it chilled in order to maintain maximum nutritional value. One trick we learned from our customers is load a dry shaker with the powders in the am & at some point in day add your favorite liquid & you have an amazing treat in the go !
What is the shelf life of Bõku™ Super Food?
When stored in the original packaging and properly sealed, approximately 2-3 years.
What if I get an upset stomach after taking Bõku™ Super Food?
Try enjoying Bõku™ Super Food blended in a smoothie, rather than in juice or flavored milk; or blend it in juice or milk taken with a light meal for a few weeks. You may also use half, rather than a full serving, until your body adjusts to this amazing new superfood!
Is Bõku™ Super Food safe for nursing mothers?
Please consult with your health care professional for answers to medical questions.
I have noticed that my bowel movements are looser and the same color as the Boku super food. Is this normal?
Looser bowels are an indication of cleansing and are good. Stools will be green if the bowels are loose. With continued use you should see healthy bowel movements that are not green.
Does your product get x-rayed?
Deliveries passing through USA government portals like Washington, D.C. are x-rayed as standard procedure. Parcels not passing through a government portal would never be x-rayed. Orders shipped in restricted areas would, by law, be x-rayed.
Who is a good candidate to use BõKU™ Super Food?
Everyone will benefit from good nutrition! It’s not just for people who want to heal through natural medicine! (Pregnant women should ask their doctor before eating any new food.)
Can I give BõKU™ SuperFood to my pets?
We hear that many of our customers love sharing BoKU SuperFood with their pets. Now that cacao has been removed from the updated formula, we know of nothing in Boku Superfood that could possibly be harmful. That said, Boku was created for humans to enjoy, and has not been tested on animals. For this reason, we recommend checking with your veterinarian as to whether BoKU Superfood would be suitable for your animal friends. We are planning to introduce a new Boku Superfood specifically formulated for pets. Be sure to check back with us on the Boku website for updates!
Do I need to refrigerate my BoKU Superfood?

It is true most probiotics need refrigeration. There are a few that don’t require it.

We specifically choose L. Sporogenes to include in Boku Super Food because it is very stable at room temperature. It is one of the few probiotics that come in the form of spores. This means that it is totally inactive until it is taken into the body. When L. Sporogenes reaches the ideal growing environment of the small intestine, the spores activate and start to reproduce. They then form colonies and give all the benefits of these “good” bacteria.