Super Fuel

BoKU Super Fuel Body/Mind Lift – Frequently Asked Questions

What does Super Fuel taste like?
Boku Super Fuel has a rich chocolaty maple taste.
Is Super Fuel a meal replacement?
Most “official” meal replacements contain a wide variety of synthetic vitamins and minerals that try to mimic what you would get from a meal of natural whole food. Although Super Fuel, is not designed to replace your healthy meals, it does flood your body with vital nutrients that will satisfy hunger. As a result, many people will take a break from their normal breakfast or lunch preferring instead to enjoy a healthy dose of Super Fuel and/or Boku Super food.
Can I mix BoKU Super Fuel with Super Food?
Absolutely! All Boku products are designed to blend perfectly together for maximum synergistic benefit and taste.
How is Super Fuel different from Super Food?
Boku Super FOOD is a broad spectrum formula providing an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics, formulated for balance between cleansing/detoxification and rejuvenation/revitalization. Boku Super FUEL is designed for professional level rejuvenation and off the charts performance. This includes increasing deep energy/vitality, physical strength/endurance, enhanced libido, mental clarity, and a joyous mood!

Each 30 gram serving of Super Fuel contains an unheard of 17,000 mg of the most potent, regenerating foods in the world, including: Organic, Fresh Pressed, Maca Root Juice, Organic Full Spectrum Cordyceps, Organic Goji Berry Juice, Organic Full Spectrum Reishi, and Organic matcha Green Tea. Anti-Oxidant rich Organic Fair Trade Cocoa makes Super Fuel delicious and even more nutritious. The mineral rich Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Organic Red Dulse, and Pure Celtic Sea Salt help to ground and balance the super potent – Super Fuel experience.

How many calories are in a serving of Super Fuel?
How many servings are in a pouch of Super Fuel?
The full dose of Super Fuel is a 30 gram serving. This is a very powerful dose and should be worked up to. At the full 30 grams, a 10 oz package will contain 10 servings and a 40 oz package will contain 40 servings. Most people will do well starting at 10 grams or less (one small scoop or tablespoon or 1/3 large scoop) and increasing slowly. A basic dose of 10 grams will give 30 servings in a 10 oz package and 120 servings in a 40 oz package.
Are they any artificial sweeteners in Super Fuel?
No way!
Is there caffeine in Super Fuel?
There may be a slight amount of caffeine coming from the Organic Fair Trade Cocoa and Organic Matcha Green Tea. The stimulant effects of this caffeine are balanced by the natural calming effect of the amino acid profile in the matcha green tea.
How do I take Super Fuel?
Boku Super Fuel is designed to taste good mixed in a tall, cool glass of pure water. Its also delicious blended in your favorite milk or in a smoothie.
I am involved in obstacle endurance racing, Tough Mudder, Spartan, etc., how would I benefit from taking FUEL? What can I expect & how do I use it?
Boku Super Fuel is filled with high potency adaptogens and energizing phytonutrients. An adaptogen is a food or plant that helps protect the body from stress. There is much research to show that adaptogens help increase strength and physical endurance. Ultra endurance racing exposes the body to tremendous stress. These plant substances are also mood elevating and can help the body adapt to and buffer against high intensity physical and mental stress while supporting focus, and a state of overall well-being. This will enable the athlete to function and compete more efficiently with maximum ease and protection.
Is Fuel appropriate for teenagers, my son is involved in Football can he take this?
Yes. The super foods in Boku Super Fuel are highly nutritious and non-toxic. As with any supplement, it’s prudent to start a child or teenager with a smaller serving size.
Why did you select Organic Maple Syrup Powder powder in the formula?
Organic Maple Syrup Powder is a premium, health forming sweetener. In traditional medicine, syrup from tree sap is considered very strengthening for the body. Maple syrup also contains minerals, and provides a delicious balance to some of the more intense tasting ingredients in Boku Super Fuel.
I’m not an athlete, I have a 9-5 desk job – can I benefit from taking it?
The amazing properties of adaptogens include buffering the body from the effects of mental and emotional stress as well. Someone working intensely at the desk from 9-5 may feel a sense of relaxation, mental clarity and heightened alertness. Much of this has to do with the adaptogen’s protection of the body from the insidious effects of chemicals that the body produces in reaction to stressful conditions.
One of the benefits is happy moods & mental clarity, please explain?
See question above.
How often can I take it?
It’s always good to take a break from supplements every so often. This prevents the body from getting used to them and not receiving maximum benefit. A few times a week is sufficient for many people because of the potency of Boku Super Fuel. Those who workout to extreme levels could use Boku Super Fuel almost every day during training, competition, and recovery. You can also adjust your dosage. Substantial benefit can be derived from servings of only 10 grams (1 small scoop or tablespoon – or 1/3 large scoop) or less.
Is BoKU Super Fuel considered a pre-workout? For best results how should I use it?
Boku Super Fuel will help pre and post workout. For many people, dividing one serving, before and after working out, will provide overall support.
When is the best time to take Super Fuel?
A half hour before any intense athletic activity, and/or right after working out, are great times for Super Fuel. Early in the morning is an amazing way to start your day. Your work life transforms with Super Fuel, to keep you focused and creative. It’s usually best to skip Super Fuel in the evening, because of the increased energy and vitality. An exception would be a special evening with that certain someone. Super Fuel for two?