Super Protein

FAQ Boku Super Protein Powder

Why did you choose brown rice protein over whey, soy or even hemp protein? Is it actually better and if so, why? 
Our organic certified, whole grain brown rice protein is sprouted to significantly increase its nutritional density. It is considered a raw food and is hypoallergenic. It has the full spectrum of amino acids and is very highly absorbable. Soy and whey proteins can be significant allergens.  Soy is quite controversial for its anti–nutrients and potential hormonal effects. Additionally, many soy and whey proteins are heated to very high temperatures during their production which can potentially create a protein that’s less than healthy. Hemp protein has many beneficial properties but its intense taste is hard for many people to stomach.
Does the product contain a large amount of carbohydrates as well as protein? 
There are 25 grams of protein and only 3 grams of total carbohydrates in a 30 gram serving.
What was your goal in creating Boku Super Protein?
I wanted to create a pristine formula that would taste delicious and provide a serious quantity of highly absorbable, super nutritious, organic protein.
Does the maple syrup add a lot of sugar to the powder? Is it alright for diabetics?
There is only 1 gram of sugar in the whole 30 gram serving size. Organic Vermont Maple Syrup contains valuable minerals. In traditional medicine, tree saps (including maple) are considered quite strengthening for the body. In terms of diabetes, I encourage my diabetic patients to test their blood sugar if they are not sure how food will react for them.
How often would you suggest taking the protein powder?
For those seeking a protein boost to their diet, Boku Super Protein powder can provide a regular source of quality organic protein.  Although individual protein needs vary, many people can use Boku Super Protein to augment their busy schedules throughout the week.
What is the main benefit to adding Boku Super Protein powder to Boku Super Food?
The main benefit of adding Boku Super Protein to Boku Super Food is enjoying a large quantity of highly absorbable, delicious and organic protein along with the full-spectrum of phytonutrients and other highly potent properties of Boku Super Food.
Why is taking Boku Super Protein better than getting protein from a regular diet?
Ideally, we would all get sufficient high quality protein from our diets. Unfortunately, many people eat a lot of very poor quality protein that can be damaging to their bodies. Many people can’t digest the protein they do consume and the results can be uncomfortable and potential toxic.  For many people, an easy to digest, highly absorbable protein powder can be a great support for their health.