Immune Tonic

Support your Immune System with these supporting Ingredients

Learn about the all natural and vegan ingredients in the Boku International Immune Tonic. All healthy ingredients selected for supporting a healthy immune system. Learn more on the Immune Tonic FAQ page.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

Also known as “Golden Root,” it grows only at very high altitudes in frigid regions such as Siberia. An adaptogenic botanical that may help increase the body’s ability to withstand, and adapt to, physical and emotional stress. Rhodiola Rosea mobilizes, sustains, and recovers energy reserves in muscle tissue. Studies on Rhodiola Rosea show that this herb activates a unique biochemical adaptation to the metabolic loads of extreme physical stress. For medicinal purposes, it is known for improving mood, increasing mental and physical alertness and reducing fatigue.

Schisandra Berry

It is also known as the “five flavor fruit.” One of the 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine; it is thought to benefit the lungs, blood and kidneys. It is also used as an aphrodisiac. It contains vitamins A, C and E, and is a good source of lignans, which are potent antioxidants that strengthen the immune system. The berry is also believed to have detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties.

Holy Basil Leaf

The Holy Basil Leaf has been known to support the immune system and is used widely in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, and adaptogenic properties. It may be helpful for maintaining healthy cortisol levels and promoting a sense of emotional well being.

European Elderberry

One of the most concentrated source of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid that acts as a potent antioxidant. The high antioxidant concentration gives support to the immune system.

Siberian Ginseng Root

An adaptogen often used in ancient China as an energy tonic. It is believed to increase the body’s capacity to handle physical stress and is known to aid the body’s immune system. The root’s active ingredients, eleutherosides, support the adrenal glands; this increases stamina. It can also be used to relieve fatigue and exhaustion.

Astragalus Root

Another one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine, it is a great aid to maintaining a healthy digestive and respiratory system. It is an adaptogen that also contain antioxidants. The root also has properties that help support the immune system. Astragalus is also known to promote metabolism and healthy hearts.

Fo-Ti Root

Chinese herb often is believed to promote longevity while maintaining a healthy immune system and sexual vigor. The root contains lectins which act like antibodies which can help maintain already healthy levels of cholesterol and normal fat levels in the blood. It’s also a great detoxifier for the body. Fo-Ti is also thought to reduce the growth of bacteria and promote the production of red blood cells.

Olive Leaf

An antiseptic, astringent herb that contains flavonoids and Oleuropein, both extremely powerful antioxidants. Research shows the leaf to have strong antifungal properties. It is effective in maintaining healthy, normal blood pressure and a healthy heart, while supporting immune systems.

Red Root

Native to the Northeast U.S. and Canada it was often used by Native Americans for various purposes. It is considered a premier tonic for the lymphatic system. This plant is sometimes referred to as New Jersey Tea because the leaves were used as a tea substitute during the American Revolution. The active chemical compounds contained in this plant include resin, alkaloids, coagulant, and tannins all of which contribute to healthiness in many areas of the body.

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