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Out of all the superfood companies, why did these ambassadors, including Guiness World Record Holder Ultra Runner “Michele Graglia” choose BōKU? It’s because when you train as hard as our Ambassadors do, you need to fuel your body with the purest, most potent nutrition, and BōKU has earned a reputation for doing just that. Our Ambassadors consider BōKU a secret weapon; an unparalleled rocket fuel for workouts that also help keep your immune system running strong and promote post-workout quick recovery.

BōKU Ambassadors realize you only get one chance to live a healthy life. In order to train at the highest level possible and feel great despite the grueling workouts, our Ambassadors choose BōKU. You don’t have to pull off a 360 dunk or run hundreds of miles in the desert to benefit from BōKU. But if BōKU superfood helps elite athletes perform at the highest level, imagine what they can do for you. We are extremely grateful that not only do our Ambassadors rely on our superfood to look and feel their best, they believe in us so much that they have invested in our growth.

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Michele Graglia

Guinness World-Record Ultra-Runner

Nutrition is a key component to my success. BōKU Superfood is my secret weapon allowing me to train at the highest level and pursue my passion.

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