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FAQs – BōKU® Mouth

BōKU® Mouth is a vegan, fluoride and alcohol-free, 100% natural mouthwash. Using only gentle, yet effective ingredients like olive, peppermint, and spearmint oils, and healthy probiotics, you’ll finally feel good about putting something great into your mouth. Boku Mouth is the guilt-free, chemical-free, smart choice, designed for the whole family to use. So safe you don’t have to spit.
Conventional mouthwash contains agents, such as alcohol, that have the potential to irritate and cause a burning sensation in the oral cavity. Conventional products may also contain artificial sweeteners and colors, and harmful chemical additives – all the stuff you don’t want to be using on a daily basis. That is why we made BōKU® Mouth. BōKU® mouth only uses natural ingredients such as peppermint, spearmint and olive oil, and we let the natural ingredients do the heavy lifting. BōKU® Mouth is a gentle mouthwash formula that has a refreshing taste you’ll love, and will give you the results that you are looking for.
Nope! We believe in nature doing what nature does best, and this means without the harsh effects of fluoride.
BōKU® Mouth contains natural oils that not only help to lower bad breath-causing bacteria, but also leave the breath fresh long after you’re done using it.

And here’s something new! We’ve designed BōKU® Mouth to be swallowed, not just spit out. As it is swallowed, the natural minty oils have a chance to coat your tongue, keeping your breath super fresh, all day long.

The BōKU® line was inspired by and created for our son, making every product super safe for the whole family. No more worrying about your children swallowing the mouthwash, because this was one designed to do just that. Safe in the mouth, and safe all the way down.
Do you like the taste of REAL spearmint and peppermint? If so, then you’ll love BōKU® mouth, because that’s exactly what’s in it. No artificial flavors, just the real stuff!
Unlike artificial mint flavors, real essential oils are potent and long lasting. That’s why we’ve designed BōKU® Mouth to be packed with real essential oils like peppermint and spearmint. This ensures that you keep enjoying that refreshing feeling you love, long after you’re done.
We’re all too familiar with that burning sensation that comes from alcohol-based mouthwashes, and so we’ve designed BōKU® Mouth to be gentle and soothing. Developed with an olive oil base, BōKU® Mouth has a great mouth feel that is safe and enjoyable.
Sore gums are created by inflammation that results from bad bacteria build up. We’ve designed BōKU® Mouth to have healthy bacteria, called Streptococcus salivarius, to fight those bad guys. By using BōKU® Mouth regularly, you can help to support a healthy bacteria balance in the mouth, keeping your gums happy and pain-free.
Absolutely. We found that natural oils such as peppermint and spearmint do a great job of keeping the mouth healthy without the use of alcohol.
You bet. BōKU® Mouth is a safe, all natural mouthwash, intended to support a healthy mouth. You will find that BōKU® Mouth is extremely gentle, perfect for those who have sensitive mouths.