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FAQs – Super Shrooms

Here at BōKU®, we firmly believe in the power of whole, healing foods. When it comes to organic food versus non-organic, the choice is easy for us. For something to be Certified Organic, it has to meet certain criteria that we believe all food should be upheld to.

To be certified organic the food must…

– Contain NO GMO’s! What’s a GMO you ask? It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. We could really go on all day about why we do not want them in our products, and especially do not want to feed them to our wonderful customers. To learn more about GMO’s, see our FAQ “What is a GMO?”

– Be grown and harvested in a safe and sustainable manner, with NO artificial fertilizers, NO artificial pesticides and NO irradiation!

– Contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives!

Why else should you choose organic?

– Organic agriculture preserves natural resources and biodiversity.

– It supports animal health and welfare (for meat products, certified organic means they have not be subjected to growth hormones or harmful antibiotics).

– Organic foods have been shown to have better nutritional value than conventionally grown food.

This is called a “sachet” or “desiccant” and it is there solely to remove any moisture that may get into your product after you reseal it. Don’t worry, our sachets/desiccants are made our of natural clay. This means in the off chance it should open up in your product, there is absolutely no cause for alarm. These should be left as-is in your product to keep it at optimal freshness.
Absolutely! They are certified organic as well as kosher. Our mushrooms are grown organically by a United States farmer that keeps it clean – NO excipients, granulating agents, fillers, preservatives, or sulfiting agents.
As fast as possible in order to lock in all the beneficial nutrients and compounds. Typically as fast as just a few days.
Our mushrooms are grown in organic brown rice.
It’s all up to your personal taste – we like to mix them in with food (like applesauce or soup), add into our fave smoothie recipe, or use them to brew up a health forming tea!
Super Shrooms™ have the consistency of a fine powder; perfect for sprinkling, dashing or brewing.
Of course you can! We try our best to always keep stock of 1 oz samples of most popular BōKU® products just for the sampling purpose! If you would like to try something out, all you have to do is give us a call at 805-650-2658 and request a sample. Samples are $5 + shipping & handling. Limit 2 per shipment.
Agarikon, Artist’s Conk, Blazei, Chaga, Cordyceps, Enoki, Hiratake, Honey Mushroom, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Mesima, Poria, Reishi, Scarlet Cordyceps, Shiitake, Suehirotake, Tremella, True Tinder Polypore, Turkey Tail, Zhu Ling
BōKU® Super Táke is a proprietary blend of 14 specialty mushrooms comprised of the most widely used mushrooms in Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern herbal formulations. Many of these mushrooms have a history of use dating back thousands of years and are some of the most highly respected ingredients of herbal preparations. In fact, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, reishi is ranked as the most useful of all herbs for its numerous benefits, ranked even higher than ginseng!

The mushrooms in BōKU® Super Táke have numerous properties that help to promote well being by delivering “super-adaptors,” prebiotics and antioxidants. In fact, the power of these mighty mushrooms is so great that we cannot legally disclose it on our site. Although we cannot publish why exactly we love them, there have been many published studies on the benefits of consuming functional super mushrooms. We encourage you to do a little internet research of your own to learn about their amazing uses and history!

Glad you asked! Super Shrooms™ is a powdered blend of 20 different specialty mushrooms. What makes them super? It’s has been said that blends of specialty fungi offer a powerful (or super) punch!

Super Shrooms™ are made from the mycelium, which is the main part of the mushroom.