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Our Story

Our story is one that a lot of families can probably relate to. That moment when the doctor offers advice for your child that you just can’t get your head or heart around. When my husband and I learned in 1995 that our son had a focus problem and wasn’t “behaving properly” in school, the last thing we expected was to be ridiculed for asking if there was a natural, less harmful alternative treatment. After tons of questions and research (I was not going to give up without a fight), we were led to a naturopathic physician who had experienced recent success using blue green algae, spirulina, and other potent, live foods. Skeptical at first (it’s hard to change years of ‘learned’ behavior), the results quickly ignited our passion for super foods. We began to realize that nutrition plays a huge role in our health and wellness and that nature might offer actual solutions hidden in plain sight, right under our noses.

The Results

BōKU® Super Food was born out of necessity and a parent’s desire to embrace natural plant based solutions to health and wellness challenges. Over the years we sampled and familiarized ourselves with various Super Food products and ingredients from all over the world. It was an amazing journey, one that allowed us to work with some of the most gifted minds in Nutritional Science. The results? The ultimate, full spectrum Super Food. After several years and countless formulations, BōKU® International Inc. was officially launched in October of 2007.

The good stuff!

As a mom (I am that before I am a business woman) I can promise you that we have your family’s health in our hearts. All of the BōKU® Doctor formulated Super Food Blends are USDA certified Organic, Kosher and Vegan. Completely free of GMOs, with no nasty fillers of any kind, and no wheat, dairy, soy or gluten. We use only the most pristine, nutrient dense, health forming ingredients in the world, obtained from Fair Trade, and sustainable sources whenever possible. To ensure these industry leading standards are maintained, BōKU® Super Food products are formulated, tested, blended, packaged and shipped in-house. We are committed to providing our valued customers the absolute highest quality super food products available anywhere on earth.

Our Passion

Being the CEO of BōKU® has taught me so much about life, people and passion. I can honestly say that all of us here love what we do and the feedback that we have been fortunate enough to receive has filled us with gratitude and compassion. You are not alone in this journey. If you, like us, need to look beyond the conventional, all you have to do is ask the best mom in the world. No, I don’t mean me…. I mean Mother Nature.