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Superfood Recipes - Boku Superfood Smoothie

Superfood Recipes

Long gone are the seasons when we had to maintain a stringent checkup with our doctors to ward off health threats. People are reviving the knowledge of the power foods, with constant revelations of new superfoods every couple of years. These superfood recipes are taking over our health regimens due to their proven benefits and apparent affordability. What are superfoods? These foods have substantial nutrient content and antioxidants that benefit the body’s …

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Delicious AND Nutritious Summer Recipes!

Delicious AND Nutritious Summer Recipes!

Happy (& Yummy) Summer! Ahh, finally – it’s summertime, and the living is easy! That floaty, relaxed vibe is certainly in the air, as well as renewed excitement for all the glorious possibilities that life has to offer! We sure are feelin’ it. We’re sure that some of your plans include hitting the beach with friends, enjoying some fun gatherings at home, going abroad, and just kicking back with a …

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BōKU International

Boku International, with “Superfood for Pets,” Is Announced As A SCORE Championship Finalist

Ojai-based BōKU® International progresses to the final round of SCORE’s small business competition with a “superfood for pets” concept BōKU® Superfood, headquartered in Ojai, CA, entered the SCORE Small Business Championship with the hopes of making “superfood for pets” a reality. Currently, BōKU® has a range of organic, vegan powders, bars, and snacks for humans, but is hoping to expand their offerings to the animal members of the family. On …

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BōKU Bat Healthy Halloween Craft

Boku Bat Healthy Halloween Craft

Finally – a time to play with your food! With Halloween right around the corner, this is a perfect small craft for your child and a great healthy alternative to candy to pass out at Halloween parties or even Halloween night! 1 BõKU® Super Bar Download image and Print in landscape mode Cut bat out of paper Attach Boku Bar to middle of paper using double sided tape or non-toxic …

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4 Superfood Infused Holiday Cocktails You Have To Try!

4 Superfood Infused Holiday Cocktails You Have To Try!

As we all know, the holidays are prime time for allowing yourself extra indulgences you may not participate in year round. An extra helping here, a few extra chocolates there….and of course holiday cocktails will make an appearance at numerous gatherings or perhaps quiet evenings by the fire. We’re here to take a little guilt off your plate (or should we say, out of your glass?) this season! Superfoods aren’t …

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Boku Superfood Sparkling Water Recipe

3 Ways To Boost Sparkling Water With Superfood Ingredients

Why should you learn how to boost sparkling water. Because if you want something refreshing to drink, no major news flash here: soda is horrible for your health. In fact, drinking just one 12-ounce can of soda was found in a study to be associated with an 18% risk of developing type 2 diabetes. And drinking two sodas a day was associated with an 18% risk of developing a stroke.  …

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Umami Boku Superfood Seasoning

Boku Makes Forbes’ List of 35 Best Nourishing Functional Foods

BoKU Superfood was featured on Forbes in an article titled, “35 Nourishing Functional Foods To Add To Your Pantry.” Within the article, commentary from Reno Rolle was featured along with the Umami Seasoning, highlighting it is made with 20 medicinal mushrooms for a boost of flavor and nutrition.

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