Matcha Green Tea Shake

Matcha tea originates from the same plant that produces green, black, and white teas. The name matcha means ‘tea in powder form.’ Unlike other teas, Matcha tea has a rare rawness that increases potency in providing health benefits.

Between 600 and 900 AD, the Tang dynasty in China discovered the health benefits of Matcha tea. During the 1100s, the drink made its way across the ocean to Japan. It became an intricate part of the Japanese culture and was part of spiritual practices like Zen Buddhism.

What is different about Matcha green tea?

The leaves of the tea plant are harvested, steamed dried and crushed together to become a fine powder. They do not undergo the same preparation process as other green teas, because they take on a more simplified rawness. As a result, you will be drinking the whole leaf, hence gaining more health benefits.

The dissolvable elements make a considerable component in the brewing of tea. It has a grassy taste that resembles wheatgrass when in the raw form. The Boku Matcha green tea has an adaptable taste that will compliment your juices to create a rich taste. Additionally, one cup of matcha tea surpasses the health benefits of green tea by three folds.

Health benefits of matcha green tea shake

Strengthens immunity

The antioxidants in the tea prevent a myriad of health complications that arise from environmental pollution, a bad diet, and stress. The epigallocatechin antioxidant boosts production of T-cells and immunity building pathogens.

Slows cancer growth

The contents of matcha green tea shake do a better job at fighting free radicals than other conventional alternatives such as vitamin E and C. They also lower inflammation and lessen the severity of cancer illnesses due to the polyphenols ingredient.

One study indicates that Matcha is particularly helpful in reducing the growth rate of breast cancer cells. Another one stated that consumption of the tea lowers the chances of developing bladder cancer, endometrial cancer, and colorectal cancer. Patients who started drinking Matcha tea and incorporating it into foods and drinks reported exemplary relief.

Improves heart health

The leading causes of defective heart issues are high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol. The result of these two statuses is an increased possibility of heart illnesses and stroke. Drinking the teat improves the quality of blood and the heart’s beating rate. Patients with coronary heart illness reported improvement of symptoms.

The study was verified when a group of researchers administered a healthy dose of Matcha to rats with elevated cholesterol. The blood pressure of the rats lowered by a noticeable percentage, as did the inflammation and possibility of developing a  heart problem.

Improves mental clarity

Boku’s Matcha is the solution when you need to clear brain fog or prepare for a mentally depriving activity such as an exam. A study by Food Research International demonstrated an acute improvement in the attention span of candidates. The people also had improved memory and a fast reaction window.

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