[Follow up post] 5 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself

Habits can be hard to break! In our Mother’s Day, we highlighted the importance of asking ourselves empowering questions rather than “questioning” ourselves. Often, as women, we may ask ourselves negative questions such as:

Am I making others happy?

Am I good enough?

What am I missing out on?

What do other people think of me?


Our post suggested asking yourself the following questions to encourage self growth without undermining your self worth:


Am I comfortable with myself?

Do I make myself happy?

How do I feel about myself?

Am I having fun?

How do I want to be remembered?


It has been about 1 month since we posted our original Mother’s Day (about the time it takes to break a habit!). Have you replaced your negative self-questioning with these empowering questions? Progress is such an important part of all of our lives, big or small!


Spending 5 minutes every day devoting my time to look at these questions has helped me to become a happier, more positive person! Comment below or on our social media post and let us know how making the change has affected your life.



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