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Boku Makes Forbes’ List of 35 Best Nourishing Functional Foods

Boku Superfood was featured on Forbes in an article titled, “35 Nourishing Functional Foods To Add To Your Pantry.” Within the article, commentary from Reno Rolle was featured along with the Umami Seasoning, highlighting it is made with 20 medicinal mushrooms for a boost of flavor and nutrition.

The article, written by culture, food, travel and wellness blogger, Anna Rosalie (Anna’s Instagram), begins:

As we emerge from our homes to embrace the warmer weather, fears of the “quarantine-15” have people paying extra close attention to their diets. Weight loss companies are seeing a surge in sales as a result and the global market for health and wellness foods continues on course to reach its projected value of $1 trillion by 2027. While excess weight has been found to be a risk factor for complications due to COVID-19, worrying about the number on the scale only adds more stress to our already-taxed bodies. As people have gained pandemic pounds, they’ve also become more anxious, depressed and sleep-deprived. Foods that nourish rather than deprive the body are needed now more than ever.  

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” And while the relationship between what we eat and physical health outcomes is well-known, a growing field of research known as nutritional psychiatry is finding that what we eat affects our mental health too. For example, foods that promote the balance of bacteria in the gut affect the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which regulate mood and play a role in the development of psychiatric disorders. As the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health, treating our food as medicine is a self-care strategy that’s easily overlooked.   

Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to put into practice. While food by its very nature is designed to fuel our bodies. The demands of modern industrialization and mass production have reduced the nutritional value of many shelf-stable foods. Promising minimally processed ingredients, plus added adaptogens or superfoods to boost nutrition, functional foods aim to fill the void. And people have been eating them up in quarantine—from the home chef experimenting with vitamin-packed spice blends to the busy mom who needs a quick brain-boosting snack. With such a wide variety of options on the market, it’s no surprise the pre-2020 trend is now booming.

“It’s not a fad. The superfood category has been trending for some time,” says Reno Rolle, founder of superfood company Boku. “With COVID, that trend has really gotten a shot in the arm with people’s increased awareness of the importance of building immune function. Food is fuel and thank goodness more people are starting to realize it.”

Whether you’re looking to boost the immune system, sleep better or feel less stressed, these functional foods go beyond nourishment to fuel the body and mind. Creative and delicious, they also represent some of the most innovative plant-based offerings on the market.

The article features Boku Umami Seasoning, which contains 20 medicinal mushrooms, three types of sesame seeds and fiery spices like cayenne and habanero—this umami-packed blend sure lives up to its name. Created by a father of three as a way to sneak vegetables into his children’s diet, the superfood seasoning was designed with nutrition in mind. Nutritional yeast serves up B-vitamins and 18 amino acids while turmeric tames inflammation.  

We are proud to have made Forbes’ list of best functional foods. This is not the first time BoKU Superfood has made a Forbes list. Previously, we were featured in the influential magazine’s article about Best Immunity & Respiratory Products. In that article from January, the following BoKU products were featured: IMMUNE CandleIMMUNE TonicNOSE Oil and AIR Freshener Room Spray, which contain anti-inflammatory and decongesting essential oils like boswellia (frankincense) and peppermint.

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