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<p><strong>Oil pulling meets mouthwash. </strong>BoKU Mouth is in a category all its own. Use this natural oil, mint and probiotic blend to quickly freshen your mouth without the need to spit it out!&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Benefits</strong></p> <ul> <li>Replaces regular mouth wash for daily use</li> <li>Fluoride &amp; Lauryl Sulfate&nbsp;free</li> <li>Naturally sourced&nbsp;ingredients only</li> <li>No&nbsp;artificial sweeteners</li> <li>Alkalizes the&nbsp;mouth, creating hostile environment for bacteria</li> <li>Contains probiotics</li> <li>Cruelty free</li> <li>Bright and fresh taste</li> </ul> <p>How to Use</p> <p><strong>SWISH - SWIRL - SWALLOW!</strong></p> <ul> <li>Mouth Gel: Use in place of mouth wash. Squirt&nbsp;a few pumps in the mouth, swish, and swirl vigorously throughout your entire mouth for 60 seconds or more, and swallow. No need to spit!</li> <li>Family friendly for daily use</li> </ul>

Customer Reviews

MaryAnn Wilkinson



Catherine Rudolph


mouth wash you can swallow that has all healthy ingredients and great taste!!

Barbara Trailer


I love the spray! I do oil pulling in the mornings, and I use this at night, or during the day if I want a totally clean feel- absolutely love it



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