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Skin Food

Skin Food

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BōKU Skin Food: The worlds best all-in-one skin elixir.

Hydrate. Preserve. Heal. This proprietary beeswax and bee propolis elixir hydrates, preserves and even provides healing relief while alkalizing and balancing the pH of your skin.

From anti-aging to burns. BōKU Skin Food shields against the effects of cold air, dry skin, injuries and abrasions, even father time. If it itches, burns, bites or stings, BōKU Skin Food is the answer.

Essentials bag must-have. With over 16 uses this pocket sized all-in-one elixir is a necessary when leaving the house. Use in place of lotions and moisturizers. Can also be used to replace antibiotic ointment.

Family friendly for daily use. Great for all ages!

Apply, rub it in, relax!

In addition to functional extra virgin oils of olive and avocado oil, skin food also includes a proprietary honey blend that all combine to provide the best food for your largest organ. No added preservatives, parabins, or dangerous chemicals of any kind! 100% Organic. Simply apply, gently rub it in and voila!

List of ingredients:

*Extra virgin olive oil, *Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, *Beeswax, *Boku's Proprietary Honey and Propolis Blend


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