Trifecta (3-Pack)

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We proudly offer our Boku trifecta, the holy trinity of nutrition. This best-selling kit contains our Super Food OG and the original Super Protein, which can be taken separately or together to offer a delicious complete meal. The trifecta is completed with our award-winning Super Fuel for a healthy, chocolatey energy boosting pre workout and post-workout recovery aid. These are our three best sellers and it only makes sense to get them all in the same kit, so you can truly experience the Boku lifestyle! 

  • Potential for a complete and nutritious meal
  • Contains probiotics and enzymes
  • Enhances energy and stamina
  • Full of adaptogenic super food mushrooms
  • Mind-blowing amounts of antioxidants, strengthening the immune system 
  • 18 grams of protein in just one scoop of Super Protein!
  • Grounding AND uplifting
1. For a complete meal: Combine 1 serving of each Super Protein and Super Food in your favorite liquid, or blend up in your favorite smoothie. 2. For a blast of phytonutrients and minerals: Simply add a scoop (1 tablespoon) of Super Food into your smoothie or shake in a glass of pure water, a non-dairy beverage or your favorite juice. 3. Protein boost: Quickly boost your protein levels by adding Super Protein into your favorite smoothie or shake, or get creative and add to your morning hot cereal, yogurt, pancakes or baking recipes. 4. For recovery and stamina: Blend SuperFuel into your favorite smoothie, or simply add to warm plant-based milk or water.

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