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Meet the BōKU Trifecta, the holy trinity of nutrition.

Superfood + Protein + Super Fuel. Get our three best sellers at a great price in one kit. Truly experience the BōKU lifestyle! 

Our best-selling kit. Enjoy Super Food OG and the original Super Protein, which can be taken separately or together to offer a delicious complete meal. The trifecta is completed with our award-winning Super Fuel for a healthy, chocolatey energy boosting pre workout and post-workout recovery aid. 


Superfood Original (50+ Ingredients)

Original Protein 2.0

Super Fuel


The famous, the original, "Superfood" powder.

Imagine eating 55 different organic superfoods at once. Sounds impossible, right? We dehydrated and powdered over 55 superfood ingredients into an easy-to-use powder. Making it possible (and easy) to fuel your body with life enhancing superfoods.

Award winning formula. This product should be the foundation and building block of your Boku Journey. This specialized formula contains 55 organic superfood ingredients that each serve an important physiological function.

The world's most powerful and potent plants. Formulated precisely for the human mind, body, and spirit, this superfood formula contains all the nutrients you need for the day, all in one place.

Quick facts.

  • The 28.2 oz has about 90 servings and the 9.4 oz has about 30 servings. 
  • Formulated by a Naturopathic Medical Doctor
  • Award-winning superfood formula
  • Highly concentrated nutrition
  • Conducive to an active lifestyle

Our original, delicious, vegan protein powder.

ORGANIC. Boku protein powder deliver 19g per serving of plant protein that is certified vegan, organic and kosher.

VEGAN. This 100% plant based protein powder is free of lactose and casein, common food allergens, antibiotics and hormones.  We never use any whey, soy, dairy or fillers of any kind.

SUSTAINABLE. At Boku, we take great pride in only sourcing our ingredients from the most thoughtful, environmentally conscious, and bio-dynamic farmers on earth! We are confident that we make the best Organic, Vegan, Kosher and Sustainable protein powders ... PERIOD.

DELICIOUS. No chalky taste or funky residues here. Our protein powders taste fantastic and have a complete amino acid profile making it super easy to digest without gas, bloating and cramps.

Super Fuel

Get a mind & body lift without the crash.

ENERGIZE. Super Fuel is a unique blend of organic superfood ingredients to help serve a crucial role in giving us all the energy we require. Designed to enhance energy, vitality and stamina in a healthy, natural way.

FOCUS. Mentally lethargic, stressed or just need energy? Skip energy drinks and coffee and head for Super Fuel, you won't find yourself crashing into a state of mental fog later on. Achieved with a blend of medicinal herbs, mushrooms and fruits that have been used for they're unique properties for millennia.

ADAPT. Filled with super adapters called 'adaptogens,' which allow the body to assimilate whatever nutrients your body most needs at the time. Enhances stress-reduction properties.

    How to Use
    1. For a complete meal: Combine 1 serving of each Super Protein and Super Food in your favorite liquid, or blend up in your favorite smoothie.
    2. For a blast of phytonutrients and minerals: Simply add a scoop (1 tablespoon) of Super Food into your smoothie or shake in a glass of pure water, a non-dairy beverage or your favorite juice.
    3. For a protein boost: Quickly boost your protein levels by adding Super Protein into your favorite smoothie or shake, or get creative and add to your morning hot cereal, yogurt, pancakes or baking recipes.
    4. For recovery and stamina: Blend Super Fuel into your favorite smoothie, or simply add to warm plant-based milk or water.


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    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    I've been using Boku Foods

    I've been using Boku Foods for approximately 2 1/2 years. Love the products. I use Super Food, Super Fuel and Super Protein. I recommend it to everyone.

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