Pow(d)er To The People

Boku powders are created with the most pristine superfoods on earth to ignite transformation & maintain results.

We believe in knowing your farmers, connecting with your food, and honoring plants as medicine. Learn more about each organic, sustainably farmed ingredient here.

Plan(e)t Based Food

Do it for you. Do it for the community. Do it for the planet.

It's estimated that about 60% of the world's waste is from discarded food.

By choosing Boku, you are consuming the "future of food" & directly reducing the amount of food waste on this planet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
John Hokkanen
BOKU Products are BOKU

The BOKU products provide the body with as broad a spectrum of required nutrients in an assimilable form as any other products available (as far as I know).

If there is another company with comparable products, I would like to know who they are - they would probably get a new customer (me).

I am very thankful and grateful for a company like BOKU Superfood.


I work at a health food store and have access and sample almost every protein powder on the market. Boku is the brand that I like the best in taste and quality
I prefer to mix the protein powder with super fuel and super greens for an amazing shake.

The best!!

Boku is my go-to breakfast. I add Super Food to my Chocolate Super Protein along with berries, hemp and chia seeds. Sometimes I’ll add avocado or banana. I look forward to it every morning. Boku gives me a great start to the day!!

Thank you for the review Diane! So happy you are loving Boku Chocolate Super Protein!!

Great Product / Customer Service

Love the chocolate protein drink. We mix with almond milk and it gives a boost of energy before workout. We recently had an order lost by the USPS. The BoKU team was amazing and replaced the order. Much appreciated!

Nicey Cabral
Tasted pretty good.

Tastes good, I added some cherries to it for sweeter taste. I think I'll try vanilla next.