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Boku Superfood Powders

Pow(d)er To The People

Boku powders are created with the most pristine superfoods on earth to ignite transformation & maintain results.

We believe in knowing your farmers, connecting with your food, and honoring plants as medicine. Learn more about each organic, sustainably farmed ingredient here.

Plan(e)t Based Food

Do it for you. Do it for the community. Do it for the planet.

It's estimated that about 60% of the world's waste is from discarded food.

By choosing Boku, you are consuming the "future of food" & directly reducing the amount of food waste on this planet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Dorothy Barber

I enjoy my matcha green tea every day. Thanks for such a wonderful product. Dorothy barber

Jacquelyn Wood
Share the love

Best green matcha tea, I share it with family and freinds everyone loves it!

Mary Lou Goddard

This is the best matcha tea I have had very refreshing , wish it was sold in store in Canada !!

Carlene Barth
Boku Green Matcha Tea wonderful hot or cold

The first time I had this was served as a cold drink using water, oat milk and ice. It was delicious and refreshing. I bought it shortly thereafter and have since made lattes, added to Chai, hot and cold drinks. I did try another brand and it was way too sweet and it was more expensive (read the packaging folks). I’ve used with and without different types of non-dairy creamers and haven’t made a bad drink yet.

Christine Kennedy
A cup a day

I drink a cup of this delicious Matcha every day. It gives me a nice boost in the late afternoon. You can make it sweet by adding a full scoop to a hot cup of water or you can tone down the sweetness by adding just half a scoop; great either way!