Happy GUT Happy YOU Kit

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A powerful duo to keep you regular.

Make being regular, regular. BōKU Super Fiber Plus is a gentle but effective bowel cleanser, designed to help clean and purify the digestive system. Add a scoop to water, juice or a smoothie every day to support regularity.

Let’s get real. We all struggle with constipation and abdominal discomfort from time to time. BōKU Super Fiber is perfect for anyone, any age, looking to increase their intake of fiber and making it easier to “go.”

The BōKU standard. BōKU Super Fiber Plus + is formatted with 100% organic, vegan and gluten free ingredients that are specifically designed to help keep you regular and at your digestive best!

An extra "push." The simple, yet effective accupressure tool in this kit is life changing for those struggling to be regular. Check out the video for the TurDle below, the perfect companion to BōKU Super Fiber Plus.

Science has proven that a healthy, balanced gut will produce more serotonin than the brain. Serotonin is a powerful neurotransmitter, known as the brain chemical of happiness that can help regulate your mood and emotions. It’s the reason 50 million + people in the US are consuming potentially dangerous, prescription psych meds.

We can produce more of this natural substance in our gut, than any drug could ever produce in our brains. Using certified organic, kosher and vegan superfoods - without harmful side effects!

The solution is incredibly simple! We must consume PREbiotics to feed the PRObiotics already populating our guts by the trillions. PREbiotics are the sole source of food for PRObiotics to help them thrive and multiply in our guts. These PREbiotics come from only one place on Earth – Fruit and vegetable fiber!

We have assembled a special package of BōKU superfood products that are incredibly rich in PREbiotics and specifically designed to help boost the production of serotonin in the gut. In keeping with the BōKU tradition these surprisingly delicious superfoods will flood your cells with organic, immune boosting nutrition, while also helping to restore healthy, regular digestion and supercharge production of SEROTONIN to create your inner happiness!