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Coco Love- Vegan Hot Chocolate

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<p><strong>Adaptogenic Hot Cacao &amp; Mushroom Mix</strong></p> <p><strong>More (like, way more) shroom&rsquo; power than the others. </strong>Other adaptogenic hot cacao mixes on the market have just one mushroom in the mix. We have TWENTY. That is not a typo. Check out the ingredients tab for the sitch on each.</p> <p><strong>Not your grandmother&#39;s hot chocolate recipe.</strong> Unless your grandmother uses shrooms in her coffee (hey - she might). BōKU Coco Love is packed full of nutrients that you would never expect in your hot chocolate! These nutrients include medicinal mushrooms and organic cacao, leaving you feeling nourished and satisfied down to the very last creamy sip.</p> <p><strong>Feel the L O V E. </strong>Organic cacao, which is brimming with flavonoids and other natural antioxidants, is said to increase feelings of happiness with every delicious and creamy sip.</p> <p><strong>The B</strong><strong>ō</strong><strong>KU Standard. </strong>BōKU Coco Love is 100% guilt-free, vegan, 100% organic and contains only 9 grams of sugar per serving.</p>

Customer Reviews

Darrin Lester


Coco Love- Vegan Hot Chocolate



I love this so much!! After getting it with the immune package, I eventually came to drink it every night. The first cup tasted... different, though delicious. Prior to Boku Coco Love, I was drinking organic cocoa but this was another level of wellness. By the second cup, my palatte had adjusted to the superiority of the ingredients and I grew to CRAVE it. My body knew it was getting what it needed. I'm down to 2 scoops and just ordered more. (I made myself a non-Boku cocoa recently. It tasted artificial and superficial.) So, yes, this product is now ritual for me. I enjoy it best with a dash of sea salt and an ounce or so of plant-based creamer. These touches bring out the flavor and creaminess for me. THANK YOU, BOKU FOR SUCH A BRILLIANTLY NOURISHING TREAT!!

Sol Davis


Its a great healthy warm beverage for the holidays :)! No guilt and soooo good!



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