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Immune Candle

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<p><strong>Essential oil candle that supports immunity &amp; cleans the air. </strong>Tell us, can&nbsp;the candle you purchased from the mall do all that?</p> <p><strong>The BōKU Immune Candle</strong> combines organic essential oils with organic coconut wax in a proprietary, functional blend.</p> <p>Benefits</p> <ul> <li>Quickly fills the air with soothing, health-forming aroma</li> <li>Organic coconut wax</li> <li>Organic cotton wick</li> <li>Soot free candle</li> <li>Breathe easy with all natural ingredients</li> </ul> <p>&ldquo;<em>Pure essential oils have a long history of use in Europe for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. Medical doctors in France prescribe pure essential oils instead of antibiotics in many cases. Inhaling pure essential oils can be a great support in preventing or treating the common cold, which is a virus</em>.&rdquo; &ndash; Dr. BJ Adrezin, Chief Medical Advisor to BōKU International.</p> <p>This magical candle&rsquo;s essential oil blend features eucalyptus, a true superhero among plants.</p> <p>The healing properties of eucalyptus are truly countless. Perhaps most importantly, this essential oil gives your immune system a healthy boost on the cellular level when inhaled, while simultaneously soothing fevers and treating gnarly sinus infections. Its effects are antimicrobial as well as antibacterial. It&rsquo;s also full of anti-stress terpenes, which will further fortify the weakened immune system.</p> <p><strong>The essential oil blend in this 100% organic coconut wax candle also boasts:</strong></p> <p><strong>Organic Fair Trade Peppermint( India)</strong>: known for its cooling effects, antimicrobial properties, and its ability to knock out nausea.</p> <p><strong>Organic Rosemary</strong>: deeply calming to the nervous system and adept in clearing nasal passageways.</p> <p><strong>Organic Tea Tree ( Australia):</strong> Chinese herbalists consider the tea plant to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs for its multitude of antioxidant healing properties.</p> <p><strong>Organic Lemon</strong>: effectively cleanses the body with its antibacterial and antifungal properties, and clears your space of those tenacious germs.</p> <p>The&nbsp;Story</p> <p><strong>The Legend Of The Four Thieves&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>The aromatherapy Immune candle combines Mother Nature&#39;s purest organic essential oils, with organic coconut wax in a proprietary, functional blend inspired by the ancient &quot;Four Thieves&quot; of the 15th century. According to the Thieves Oil legend, during the Plague epidemic of the 15th century, a band of burglars swept the countryside and robbed the dead without becoming infected. Finally, four thieves were captured in Marseilles, France and offered up their secret to immunity, in exchange for leniency. It was disclosed that these thieves were perfumers and spice traders who had rubbed themselves and doused their clothing with a concoction of functional essential oils, including eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, lemon, and others.</p> <p>Casting a gentle glow, the Immune Candle will quickly fill the air with the most soothing, health-forming aroma you&#39;ve ever experienced.&nbsp;This candle is perfect for the cold &amp; flu season and comes in a convenient travel tin so you can take it to the office and with you for holiday travel.</p> <p>&ldquo;The idea for the Immune Candle was a gift,&rdquo; said Reno Rolle Jr. ( Co-Founder)&nbsp; &ldquo;I was fighting a cold last winter and sneezing all over the house.&nbsp; I could see everyone cringe and run for cover.&nbsp; The idea of a candle fortified with essential oils, and the name Immune Candle, just popped into my head, along with the thought that this could really make a positive difference.&rdquo; Reno Jr. immediately teamed up with his father, Reno Sr., an award-winning inventor and veteran product developer.&nbsp; The two began an intense year-long process of vetting the idea and perfecting the product with industry-leading experts.</p> <p><em>*The company wants to be perfectly clear that the Immune Candle is designed strictly for aromatherapy and not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.</em></p>

Customer Reviews


I love lighting this up. My house smells amazing within minutes and i feel relived and relaxed :)!

katy owens


I recommend using it while you are in the shower or doing yoga, anything really but great when it comes to calming yourself and the atmosphere.

eva hare


I love this scent and that it gives off a genuine relaxation to the room. 10 stars if i could.



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