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Umami Seasoning

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<h1><strong>The Best Umami Seasoning With Superfoods!</strong></h1> <p>The new Boku Umami Super Spice Seasoning is a 100% vegan, nutritious, savory and flavorful topping to add to all your favorite foods.</p> <p>Great on pasta, rice, popcorn, salads, avocado toast, steamed veggies and more! Umami Super Spice adds delicious depth and a healthy zing to foods. Delivers B vitamins, protein, minerals and much, much more!<br /> <br /> Umami is a Japanese term that describes the 5th flavor beyond sweet, sour, spicy and bitter and is often associated with the ubiquitous deliciousness of fat. Boku Umami Superfood Seasoning has all that deliciousness and yumminess while being 100% vegan and organic!<br /> <br /> With a magical blend of organic nutritional yeast, toasted white and black sesame seeds, onion, garlic, coriander, cayenne, black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt, Boku Umami Super Spice seasoning is going to light up your flavor pallet and add robust new life to your favorite foods.<br /> <br /> Kids love it, parents love it, health food enthusiasts adore it and people tasting it for the first time can&rsquo;t get enough of it!</p> <p>The Story Behind the Spice</p> <p><em>Boku proudly partnered with Ojai local, Basho, to create this one-of-a-kind spice blend. Behind every Boku product is a blend of functional superfoods, paired with a magical story. Boku Umani is no different!&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>Like every parent, Basho, father of (3), wanted to find a delicious way to get his kids to eat more veggies! Having already mastered getting his kids to enjoy Boku Superfood smoothies every morning, his next task was to get them to go just as NUTS for veggies! Into the test kitchen he went, and between Basho&#39;s knack for flavor and Boku&#39;s affinity for potent superfoods, Boku Umami Spices were born!&nbsp;</em></p> <p><em>Ingredients</em></p> <p>Original Umami</p> <p>Nutritional Yeast<br /> Hemp Heart Seeds<br /> Toasted Black Sesame Seeds<br /> Toasted White Sesame Seeds<br /> Garlic Powder<br /> Onion Powder<br /> Course Ground Pepper<br /> Coriander Powder<br /> Turmeric Root Powder<br /> Himalayan Salt<br /> Cayenne Powder</p> <p><strong>Plus 20 BōKU</strong><strong>&nbsp;Super &lsquo;Shrooms Blend:</strong></p> <p>Organic Agarikon&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Artist&rsquo;s Conk</p> <p>Organic Blazei</p> <p>Organic Chaga</p> <p>Organic Cordyceps</p> <p>Organic Enoki&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Hiratake&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Honey Mushroom</p> <p>Organic Lion&rsquo;s Mane&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Maitake&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Mesima&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Poria&nbsp;</p> <p>Organic Reishi</p> <p>Organic Scarlet Cordyceps</p> <p>Organic Shiitake</p> <p>Organic Suehirot&aacute;ke</p> <p>Organic Tremella</p> <p>Organic True Tinder Polypore</p> <p>Organic Turkey Tail</p> <p>Organic Zhu Ling</p> <p>FAQ&#39;s</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p><img alt="" src="" /></p>

Customer Reviews

David Lin


Ordering more of this, as it’s quite delicious and versatile. I sprinkle this on pretty much all my lunch and dinner meals and snacks



This umami is great on veggie plates, salads, eggs, Japanese rice as my furikake alternative, tofu, in soups. I use this vegan umami in almost every dish I eat. I started subscribing when it debuted. BōKU was my first vegan product line that tastes so good and is nutritionally dense.

Bruce Neihart


Unique product w/unique ingredients.........on my 3rd purchase=Luv it on about everything........



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