Pow(d)er To The People

Boku powders are created with the most pristine superfoods on earth to ignite transformation & maintain results.

We believe in knowing your farmers, connecting with your food, and honoring plants as medicine. Learn more about each organic, sustainably farmed ingredient here.

Plan(e)t Based Food

Do it for you. Do it for the community. Do it for the planet.

It's estimated that about 60% of the world's waste is from discarded food.

By choosing Boku, you are consuming the "future of food" & directly reducing the amount of food waste on this planet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Karen Yoshida
Long time customer

Just as good as always!

Great Product

The organic super protein checks all my boxes. I was in search for a super clean protein with superior taste and no stevia or monk fruit. This is perfect and please do not change the formula.

Alison Garner
Protein Powder- Great Ingredients

We use this protein powder every morning in our smoothies. Its one of the few products that doesn't contain something my husband is allergic to or not included in his diet. It is great quality and convenient on automatic ship.

Simone Goyeneche
My favorite protein powder.

After three mishaps with shipping from another seller, I was delighted to receive this order properly packaged, in pristine condition, not covered in powder from a leaky bag. Thank you Boku. I enjoy the creamy textures it lends to smoothies and the taste does not interfere with the other ingredients. Also I have no digestive issues as I do with whey or legumes. It’s my go to protein powder.

Claudia Viapree
Boku Protien-the best

Thoroughly enjoy Super Protein. I use it daily in my smoothie and yogurt. My son introduced me to Boku Products several years ago and I’m so grateful that he did. Keep up the good work.