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The Swiss army knife of superfoods.

20 SHROOMS ON A MISSION.  Following many hours of research, we have hand-selected the most beneficial of all the 'shroom' kingdom and blended them together to create harmony for your mind, body, and soul. 

SUPER POWERS OF SHROOMS. The magic of the adapotegenic mushroom comes from thousands of micro-compounds and nutrients, all of which are extremely beneficial to our health. Known to:

  • Protect, balance and revitalize
  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Support immune health

FOR THE HISTORY BUFFS. Used since ancient times in eastern medicine, during the roman empire, and in Ancient Egyptian culture. Evolutionarily speaking, fungi are more closely related to humans than plants.


How Boku makes Super Shrooms:

Following many hours of research, we have hand-selected the most beneficial of all the 'shroom' kingdom and blended them together to create harmony for your mind, body, and soul. The magic of the mushroom comes from thousands of micro-compounds and nutrients, all of which are extremely beneficial to our health. All of these 20 mushrooms are adaptogens, containing various vitamins, polysaccharides, beta-glucans, secondary metabolites and Polyphenols and carotenoids in their fruiting bodies. Each of them serves  specific function and they are all included in equal amounts. As you can see these nutrients are broad spectrum and provide each of our bodies what we uniquely need to thrive. 

We work closely with our farmers to put together a special proprietary blend of  “20″ of the most nutritious, organic specialty mushrooms that are grown and cultivated in the USA.  Inside the cell walls of mushrooms, there are Polysaccharides, most noteworthy, Beta-Glucans.  The 1,3 – Beta Glucans tightly bound to the cell walls and have a low degree of bio-availability in a raw mushroom. To overcome this and to increase the bio-availability of the constituents, all our mushrooms undergo a steam extraction process that makes the nutrients more bio-available than hot water extraction. This process breaks down the cell wall to release the Beta Glucans, the nutrient where all the magic lies. We then dry them at room temperature and blend them into a fine powder, releasing all of the available nutrients. Afterward 

How to Use:

  • Boost your daily smoothies along with Boku Superfood and Protein, add to savory food dishes, or (Our Personal Favorite) use a scoop to steep and make tea in 12 ounces of hot water.

When to use Super ‘Shrooms:

  • Any time of the day!

20 Mushroom Blend - 8oz

Organic Agarikon-

Considered by many to be a powerful anti-viral fighting machine.

Organic Lions Mane-

Funny enough, this mushroom does look very similar to the shape, color, and texture of a lions mane, so we don't wonder how it got its name. However, it may be better represented by a cheetah. Some scientists believe lions mane to be the most powerful brain-boosting superfoods known to man. Its even used by some naturopaths to treat Alzheimers Dementia.  

Organic Cordyceps-

One of the most popular of all the adaptogenic 'shrooms, Cordyceps is used in eastern medicine to improve energy, stamina, and libido; Has been shown to improve oxygen uptake in the body, boost energy levels and improve mental focus. 

The appearance and love of this thin, tender mushroom earns it the fond title "golden needle mushroom." It's yummy and quite popular in Japanese cuisine; you've probably had it if you've enjoyed Japanese hot pot style cooking.

Organic Blazei-

It's important to take a deep breath before speaking the countless benefits of the Brazilian mushroom, Blazei.

(According to Web MD) Agaricus Blazei mushroom is used by many health practitioners for cancer, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, “hardening of the arteries” (arteriosclerosis), ongoing liver disease, bloodstream disorders, and digestive problems. Other uses include prevention of heart disease, weakened bones (osteoporosis), and stomach ulcers. It is also used to boost the immune system and for physical and emotional stress. 

Organic Chaga-

Chaga mushrooms may be specifically helpful for reducing systematic inflammation that is caused by chronic stress. 

Organic Reishi-

Called the mushroom of immortality. Has been known to provide liver boosting properties. Has been used to improve sleep quality, calm the mind and treat insomnia. 

Organic Honey Mushroom-

Commonly grows on trees, this particular edible mushroom contains the beta D-glucan,  Vitamin B groups and 15 amino acids.  Due to its intra-cellular beta glucan  contents, the honey mushroom extracts helps protect the cell from free radical oxidation damages as well as maintain a healthy immune response .

Organic Artist’s Conk-

American cousin to the Reishi mushroom. Also known as “Red Mother Fungus” or “Ancient Ling Zhi (Spirit Mushroom)”. Like it’s cousin, Reishi, Artist’s Conk is an immune system booster and a good way to be ready for cold and flu season.

Organic Maitáke-

Maitake mushroom contains chemicals which might help fight tumor growth and stimulate the immune system. There is some evidence that it can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, and reduce weight

Organic Mesima-

Mesima Mushroom has been shown in some Japanese studies to be effective with breast cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer and it's used in conjunction with reishi or maitake mushrooms. Immune System Booster - This mushroom contains Beta D- and Lectins which boost up our immune system to fight off disease.

Organic Poria-

In traditional medicine, poria mushroom filaments have been used for loss of memory (amnesia), anxiety, restlessness, fatigue, tension, nervousness, dizziness, urination problems, fluid retention, sleep problems (insomnia), an enlarged spleen, stomach problems, diarrhea, tumors, and to control coughing.

Organic Shiitake-

Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular mushrooms worldwide. They are prized for their rich, savory taste and diverse health benefits. Compounds in shiitakes may help fight cancer, boost immunity and support heart health.

Organic Tremella-

Tremella mushroom contains more than 70% dietary fibers such as acidic polysaccharides, and is very rich in vitamin D. Some modern research indicates tremella medicinal mushroom's usefulness as an anti-tumor agent in lowering blood glucose, lowering cholesterol, and protecting against radiation.

Organic Turkey Tail-

Turkey tail is a medicinal mushroom that can be commonly found around the world. It has been used for centuries in Asian as natural medicine, but scientific research has proven its benefits, including its ability to boost your immune system, benefit your digestive health, fight infections and help cancer patients.

Organic Zhu Ling- 

High- antioxidants, beauty mushroom, digestive aid, potassium, Mg, and zinc

Other varieties include

Organic Hiratáke

Organic Scarlet Cordyceps


Organic True Tinder Polypore

Organic Enoki



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
This is truly a very

This is truly a very special formula ! They give you amazing clarity and brightness . I can tell instantly that my body loves them and thanks me :)

Incredible! I've been looking for

Incredible! I've been looking for SO long to find a product like this! Great for helping when i'm under stress- I give to my whole family!

I wouldn't even consider traveling

I wouldn't even consider traveling anywhere without my super shrooms and super food. Keeps me " regular" and balanced . I never found such a combination of mushrooms !!

I have been taking this

I have been taking this with decaf coffee or half caff for a few weeks. I cannot explain the clarity. My mood is better, my mind is better. I honestly cannot believe it.

Thank you

We appreciate that you give us choices for healthy life.

You're welcome Ajten! We appreciate your business and are so happy you love the Boku Super Shrooms! :)
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