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Adapt better with adaptogens
Increases sense of well-being
Helps the body adapt to stress hormones


†cacao,†CoconutMilk,†Mesquite,†Maca Root,†Carob,†Monk Fruit,†BoKU Super20 Shroom:(Agarikon, Artist’sConk, Blazei, Chaga, Cordyceps,Enoki, Hiratáke, Honey Mushroom,Lion’s Mane, Maitáke, Mesima,Poria, Reishi, Scarlet Cordyceps,Shiitáke, Suehirotáke, Tremella,True Tinder Polypore, Turkey Tail,Zhu Ling. † = Organic

Wie man genießt

Simply add hot water or your favorite plant-based milk to create a guilt-free chocolatey elixir.


Does Coco Love contain caffeine?

All chocolate comes from the ancient superfood Cacao, which can contain trace amounts of caffeine, depending on a number of different factors. Most of the energy you might feel from Coco Love will come from a different constituent known as theobromine, which is a distant relative of caffeine but much different. Any amount of caffeine in Coco Love will be much lower than in coffee.

How much sugar does it have?

BōKU Coco Love is 100% guilt-free, vegan, 100% organic and contains only 9 grams of sugar per serving.

How do I take it ?

Coco Love is delicious simply shaken or blended in hot pure water or your favorite plant-based milk! A scoop or two will do, but everybody has their own unique preference as to how rich they like it. Load up as much as you want with this guilt-free hot cocoa!

What is CoCo Love?

Coco Love is a vegan alternative to processed, artificial, fattening and sugary hot cocoa. It is intensely rich in antioxidants and contains our blend of 20 adaptogenic mushrooms that may offer innumerable health benefits. Great for increasing your sense of happiness and well-being while helping the body adapt to stress. It is free of refined sugars or additives of any kind. Coco Love is certified organic, Kosher and DELICIOUS!

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Power für das Volk

Boku-Pulver werden aus den reinsten Superfoods der Welt hergestellt, um Veränderungen anzustoßen und Ergebnisse aufrechtzuerhalten.

Wir glauben daran, dass es wichtig ist, die Landwirte zu kennen und Kontakte zu knüpfen mit Ihrer Nahrung und ehren Sie Pflanzen als Medizin. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über jede biologische, nachhaltig angebaute Zutat.

Vegan Kosher Gluten Free Boku Superfood Smoothie

Plan(e)t-basiertes Essen

TU es für dich. Tun Sie es für die Gemeinschaft. Tun Sie es für den Planeten.

Schätzungen zufolge stammen etwa 60 % des weltweiten Abfalls aus weggeworfenen Lebensmitteln.

Indem Sie sich für Boku entscheiden, konsumieren Sie die „Zukunft der Lebensmittel“ und reduzieren direkt die Menge an Lebensmittelverschwendung auf diesem Planeten.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Choco - Bliss - just add a teaspoon of sugar :)

With this product, Boku joins another plant based company (Leafside) on my "hero" list.

Merci Beaucoup Boku!

Rachel Marder
Delicious and nutrious

I love this in my coffee. It makes my day start off great! And the healthy properties of the mushroom blend is the "icing on the cake " Thank you Boku for improving my health & wellness.

Hi Rachel! Oh my gosh now I will have to try this in my coffee!! That sounds delicious; not sure how I have never thought of that! :) -Ryann @ Boku

Darrin Lester

Coco Love- Vegan Hot Chocolate

So good it is now a ritual!

I love this so much!! After getting it with the immune package, I eventually came to drink it every night. The first cup tasted... different, though delicious. Prior to Boku Coco Love, I was drinking organic cocoa but this was another level of wellness. By the second cup, my palatte had adjusted to the superiority of the ingredients and I grew to CRAVE it. My body knew it was getting what it needed. I'm down to 2 scoops and just ordered more. (I made myself a non-Boku cocoa recently. It tasted artificial and superficial.) So, yes, this product is now ritual for me. I enjoy it best with a dash of sea salt and an ounce or so of plant-based creamer. These touches bring out the flavor and creaminess for me. THANK YOU, BOKU FOR SUCH A BRILLIANTLY NOURISHING TREAT!!

Sol Davis
Perfect for the holidays :)

Its a great healthy warm beverage for the holidays :)! No guilt and soooo good!