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Boku General Questions

Are there any artificial sweeteners in Boku Superfood products?

Absolutely not! Boku Superfood sources only the finest ingredients our planet has to offer.

Best product for Anti-Aging?

Dr. BJ recommends, Boku Super Fuel!

Most traditional cultures prize certain foods and botanicals that elders eat increase strength, immunity, and  longevity. It has always been considered natural and smart to support vitality and potency throughout life. I formulated Boku Super Fuel with generous amounts of several of these powerful foods, such as Reishi and Cordycep Mushrooms, Maca Root Concentrate, Goji Berry Juice, and others.  There has recently been a tremendous amount of scientific research done on the mechanisms of these and similar ingredients.  Part of it has to do with protecting the body from the effects of stress.  We can learn from societies that have track records of long and healthy lives!

Dr. BJ Adrezin

Chief Medical Advisor

Boku Super Food

Comparing daily dose of Boku to eating fruits and vegetables

Can I replace one or more meals with Boku?

Boku Superfood cannot and should not replace a healthy, preferably organic, whole foods diet. We need fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy oils and fats, quality protein, and a diverse selection of complex carbohydrates every single day. Boku enhances and can easily replace synthetic supplements, and adds such an important element to the diet, it would be impossible to eat or even find the quantity and quality of food available in it on a daily basis.

However, MANY of our customers replace one or more meals daily with Boku and find it satiates their appetite, and leaves them feeling full and energized!

Why Boku?

How does Boku differ from other types of health food products?

My husband and I brought in master formulator and superfoods expert, Dr. BJ Adrezin – the Medical Director of the Center for NutriLongevity™ in Lake Oswego, Oregon – to create the most unique and potent superfood formulas in the world. Besides our incredible formulation, the introduction of Boku marks the first time in history that a product with such high quality ingredients and meticulous handling has been available to the public at a price that people can reasonably afford. We realized that in order for the public to benefit from the power of superfoods, it needed to be at a price the public can afford. This was achieved with direct cooperation of all suppliers and farmers, and a very unique, direct-to-consumer business model.

The reality is, organic raw ingredients are not mass produced. We had to sell the idea to farms and suppliers that by working together in this mission to provide precious ingredients at a lower price, their investment will pay off in the long term.

Boku Orders, Shipping, Returns & Subscription Policy

Domestic and International Shipping Policy, and Subscription Terms of Service

Order Processing
All orders are processed during our customer service hours (Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm PST). Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to be confirmed.

Subscription Order Processing

After your subscription order placement, your shipment will process in the general 3-5 business days. Due to seasonality of products and rarity of certain ingredients, please allow this time for us to process and ship to you. We appreciate your patience!

Order Timeline
Once your order is processed you will receive an email with tracking information for your shipment. Orders are shipped Monday – Thursday. All shipping time frames are in business days and do not include weekends or holidays. Generally, customers will receive their order in 5 business days after orders have processed.  Please note that we are not responsible for weather conditions that affect delivery time frames.

Domestic Shipping Costs
Customers are given shipping options at check out to use USPS, UPS or FedEx depending on the price and desired time frame. All shipping costs are dependent on the weight of your package and the destination. Actual shipping costs will be visible once you have proceeded to checkout and entered all shipping information.

Subscription Shipping Costs

Subscription orders are charged just $5 for shipping the first subscription order. After the 1st shipment, the customer receives free shipping on each additional order. If a customer cancels prior to the 3rd shipment, they are responsible for paying the difference in auto-delivery cost, along with shipping fees accrued. *See “Subscription Cancellations* below for more information.

Rush Orders
Customers are given rush shipping options at check out.  These are not guaranteed. Please keep in mind the order processing time frame and day of the week that the order is placed.

International Shipping
We can ship to almost anywhere in the world! Customers will receive shipping options at check out. We currently offer FedEx and USPS shipping for international orders. All shipping costs are dependent on the weight of your package and the destination. Actual shipping costs will be visible once you have proceeded to checkout and entered all shipping information. Please note that ALL international orders pay for shipping. Generally, international customers will receive their order in 7-21 business days after orders have processed. BokU is not responsible for any duties or taxes incurred with international shipping.

Unfortunately, there are some countries that we are unable to ship to due to customs restrictions. A few of these countries are Germany, Spain and Brazil (the packages make it to Brazil, however the duties and taxes and extremely high). Please note that weather conditions do affect delivery time frames.

Refund and Return Policy

There are no refunds or returns on international orders. Orders shipped within the US can always be returned within 30 days of purchase, per the following guidelines:

Unused Product

  1. a) Container must be in its original, sealed and unused condition
  2. b) Customers can use this form to pay for return label, or ship to us themselves.
  3. c) Refunds are only provided once product is received to Boku. We cannot refund prior to receiving returned package. Returns can be mailed back to: Boku International Inc. 987 West Ojai Ave. Ojai, CA 93023
  4. d) Refund will be issued upon receipt of product/s, deducting any return shipping charges (if applicable).
  5. e) Customer is responsible for return shipping costs
  6. f) Return shipping and handling charges may apply to undeliverable or refused packages.

Used Product

  1. a) Refers to an open container and/or partially used product
  2. b) Once a product has been opened, Boku is un-able to accept the return or refund this product

Damaged Product

  1. a) For replacement of damaged product/s, please contact us.

Shipping for Subscribe & Save
Our “Subscribe & Save” program offers a 15% discount off the retail pricing!  Please allow 2-3 business days for your subscription order to process. The free shipping offered is our standard shipping which takes roughly 5 business days.  No rush shipping is offered for subscription orders.

Custom Shipping Requests
If you have a custom request for the shipping department, please leave that message in the notes section of your order. Example: “please leave the package on the front door step”. We cannot guarantee that the shipping companies (USPS, FedEx, UPS) will follow the directions but we will do our best to communicate your request.

Back Order / Pre- Orders
When a product is out of stock, we recommend placing a “Pre-Order” so that you will be one of the first customers to receive the product when it is available.  Please keep in mind that all of our products are produced in small batches from local farms all over the world. We are committed to selecting the most bioavailable plant-based nutrients on the planet.

Subscription Cancellations
You may cancel your auto-delivery after the 3rd cycle has been processed, per item. After the 3rd cycle, you may cancel your account via your account. Please note you must notify us at least 48 hours prior to the shipment going out for your cancellation to process. You will receive an email notification prior to the order being processed, so be sure to notify us as soon as possible. Once your order has processed and you would still like to cancel, you are responsible for shipping charges to return the package. Once we have received the package back to us, we will then process your refund (given its within the 30-day return window).

If you cancel prior to your 3rd cycle, you authorize Boku to charge your card the difference in pricing (15% discount + shipping) received. 

Customer Service
Customer service hours are Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm PST.  If you leave us a message or send us an email outside of these hours, we will get back to you the following business day.  Please call 805-650-2658 to reach out customer service department.

How Do I Use My Loyalty Points?

Learn How To Redeem Your Loyalty Points For $ Off!
First off, thanks for being a loyal customer!
You are able to claim these rewards by signing into your account and clicking on “Get rewards” for the subscription reward available to you. Note that you must be logged in to your account to access your subscription rewards.

These reward vouchers can then be applied to a new subscription or an existing one.

How to apply a subscription reward voucher to a NEW order
While in your loyalty dashboard, navigate to “Get rewards” .From there, select on the voucher you would like to redeem, copy the voucher code, and paste that into the discount code section of your cart.
 How to apply a subscription reward voucher to an existing order
If you have an existing subscription – simply apply/paste the same voucher code in your ”manage subscriptions page” of your account.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Does Boku offer a military/veteran discounts?

Does Boku offer military discounts to veterans or active duty service members?

Yes! Boku is proud to offer a 20% off military discount to active duty service members and veterans!

Veterans: Simply email a copy of your DD214 to support@bokusuperfood.com and we will email you your discount code!

Active Duty members: Simply email a photocopy of your valid military ID to support@bokusuperfood.com and we will email you your discount code.

Thank you to those who serve and have served! God Bless America!

Why are Boku products so expensive?

In short and at the risk of sounding curt, “You get what you pay for”.
Boku ingredients are the finest in the world – PERIOD. There are numerous superfood companies out there that source cheap ingredients from China and other known polluters. These ingredients will not have any where near the potency of Boku’s pristine superfoods. In addition, these cheap ingredients are often loaded with dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals and other contaminants. Boku Superfood blends are doctor formulated for maximum functionality. This is why our products are so frequently copied by our competitors but never duplicated. Boku products are also micro batched and packaged directly by our family and staff inhouse at our state of the art facility in Ojai California. We are not a high volume/low quality factory but instead a family owned business that cares and is dedicated to only sharing the absolute best products in the world. There are certainly cheaper products available but for a few cents more per serving, is your health and well-being really worth risking?


Do your products get x-rayed?

Deliveries passing through USA government portals like Washington, D.C. are x-rayed as standard procedure. Parcels not passing through a government portal would never be x-rayed. Orders shipped in restricted areas would, by law, be x-rayed.

Why are all Boku products Certified Organic?

Why Boku’s products are organic, and what it means!

Here at Boku, we firmly believe in the power of whole, healing foods. When it comes to organic food versus non-organic, the choice is easy for us. For something to be Certified Organic, it has to meet certain criteria that we believe all food should be upheld to.

To be certified organic the food must…

-Contain NO GMO’s! What’s a GMO you ask? It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. We could really go on all day about why we do not want them in our products, and especially do not want to feed them to our wonderful customers. To learn more about GMO’s, see our FAQ “What is a GMO?”

-Be grown and harvested in a safe and sustainable manner, with NO artificial fertilizers, NO artificial pesticides and NO irradiation!

-Contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives!

Why else should you choose organic?
Organic agriculture preserves natural resources and biodiversity.
It supports animal health and welfare (for meat products, certified organic means they have not be subjected to growth hormones or harmful antibiotics).

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