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Dead Sea Minerals

How will I know it is working?

Customers have told us they feel more hydrated, calm and energetic. It varies from person-to-person.

What Ingredients are in Dead Sea Minerals?

Per serving: Magnesium: 45 mg, Potassium: 130 mg, Sodium: 130 mg, and 56 trace minerals from the Dead Sea.

How do I use Dead Sea Minerals?

 Using Boku Minerals is easy! Simply squeeze a dropper full into a glass of water, juice or smoothie and enjoy daily. It’s the easiest way to flood your cells with vital trace minerals. 


What do Dead Sea Minerals taste like?

There are two great all-natural flavors: coconut and lemon-lime.

Aren’t I getting minerals from drinking water?

 Chances are NO, especially if you’re drinking RO (reverse osmosis) water.  Most bottled water is RO, which is great for purification.  The RO process can remove heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceutical drugs and a variety of other toxins, which is great.  The problem is that the RO process also removes minerals so you are essentially consuming water devoid of essential minerals.  Turn your bottled water into a health forming powerhouse with just a squirt of Boku Super Minerals!

Aren’t I getting my Minerals in my food?

Years of industrialized factory farming has stripped minerals from the earth’s soils, causing plants to have less naturally occurring life-sustaining minerals.

I feel sluggish, could this be from a lack of Minerals?

It’s fairly common to experience fatigue, slow metabolism and decreased immune function due to trace mineral deficiency.

Why do I need Minerals?

 There is literally not one function in your body that does not require minerals, period. They play a crucial role for hundreds of enzymes, the development of neurological functions, the blood system, biochemical reactions and certain hormones.

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