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Boku Mouth & Smile

Does Boku Mouth contain fluoride?

Any fluoride?

Nope, Boku Mouth does not contain fluoride! We believe in nature doing what nature does best, and this means without the harsh effects of fluoride.

Does Boku Mouth help with bad breath?

Will this help?

Boku Mouth contains natural oils that not only help to lower bad breath-causing bacteria, but also leave the breath fresh long after you’re done using it.

And here’s something new! We’ve designed Boku Mouth to be swallowed, not just spit out. As it is swallowed, the natural minty oils have a chance to coat your tongue, keeping your breath super fresh, all day long.

Does Boku Mouth taste good?


Do you like the taste of REAL spearmint and peppermint? If so, then you’ll love Boku mouth, because that’s exactly what’s in it. No artificial flavors, just the real stuff!

Does Boku Mouth burn?

Any burning like other mouthwashes?

We’re all too familiar with that burning sensation that comes from alcohol-based mouthwashes, and so we’ve designed Boku Mouth to be gentle and soothing. Developed with an olive oil base, Boku Mouth has a great mouth feel that is safe and enjoyable.

Does Boku Mouth help with sore gums?

Will this help?

Sore gums are created by inflammation that results from bad bacteria build up. We’ve designed Boku Mouth to have healthy bacteria, called Streptococcus salivarius, to fight those bad guys. By using Boku Mouth regularly, you can help to support a healthy bacteria balance in the mouth, keeping your gums happy and pain-free.

Are there any artificial flavors in Boku Smile?

No way!

Nope! We only use natural essential oils to create that minty zippa-dee-do-da zing!

Will Boku Smile clean my teeth as good as regular old toothpaste?

You betcha!

Yes! Busting through tartar and plaque with baking soda and sea salt, Boku Smile has been found to be an effective low-abrasive cleaner compared to leading natural and commercial toothpaste brands. In fact, it’s virtually nonabrasive in comparison to traditional toothpastes.

Can I use Boku Smile on dentures?


Yes. One can use the full potential of Boku Smile when brushing dentures in the mouth. If brushing outside of the mouth, the effervescent effect is lost.

Do I have to shake the Spit-less Mouthwash before use?

Why is it a yellowish color? Why does it feel gritty?

The Monk fruit powder in the Spit-less Mouthwash sometimes settles a little bit and that’s why it should be shaken. It is kind of a yellowish color because all vegetable & olive oil‘s are a yellow color and when used with the Monk fruit, it enhances the yellow color. The Boku Mouth product should be shaken four-five seconds before use.

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