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Boku Super Fiber+

Will it make me gassy?

Does fiber cause gas?

Boku Super Fiber + may in some cases cause gas. Gas is a natural product of fermentation in the large intestine, so the amount of gas produced will depend on the fiber’s fermentation characteristics as well as each individuals health and other conditions. Most insoluble fibers won’t produce gas because they are not fermented. However, some people do experience flatulence when they eat more fermentable fiber than they are accustomed to consuming. With a diet rich in fermentable fiber, there may temporarily be an increase in gas, but the body eventually adapts. One tip to help reduce flatulence is to increase fiber intake gradually. If you are accustomed to a high fiber diet, you likely won’t notice any difference when you eat foods with added fiber.

Can children take it?

Formulated for children and adults…

While Boku Super Fiber+ was designed to be gentle for all users, we recommend contacting your health care professional if you have specific questions or concerns.

Will I experience weight loss?

Will Boku Super Fiber+ make me loose weight?

Boku Super Fiber+ is not formulated as a weight-loss food, but this could absolutely be one of the many benefits of promoting regular bowel movements and a healthy gut! In addition to getting the trash out, rather than holding onto the dead, toxic waste, a healthy gut will be able to more efficiently assimilate nutrients so you can satisfy hunger and help to eliminate cravings. We cannot confirm or deny that our cleanse will cause weight loss, however many studies have proven that incorporating healthy fibers into your diet will contribute to healthy weight loss.

Why are all Boku products Certified Organic?

Why Boku’s products are organic, and what it means!

Here at Boku, we firmly believe in the power of whole, healing foods. When it comes to organic food versus non-organic, the choice is easy for us. For something to be Certified Organic, it has to meet certain criteria that we believe all food should be upheld to.

To be certified organic the food must…

-Contain NO GMO’s! What’s a GMO you ask? It stands for Genetically Modified Organism. We could really go on all day about why we do not want them in our products, and especially do not want to feed them to our wonderful customers. To learn more about GMO’s, see our FAQ “What is a GMO?”

-Be grown and harvested in a safe and sustainable manner, with NO artificial fertilizers, NO artificial pesticides and NO irradiation!

-Contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives!

Why else should you choose organic?
Organic agriculture preserves natural resources and biodiversity.
It supports animal health and welfare (for meat products, certified organic means they have not be subjected to growth hormones or harmful antibiotics).

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