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Super Maca

Can I try this before purchasing the full size?

Of course you can! We try our best to always keep stock of 1oz samples of most popular BōKU products just for the sampling purpose! If you would like to try something out, all you have to do is give us a call at 805-650-2658 and request a sample. Samples are $5 + shipping & handling. Limit of two samples.

Is the Maca safe to take while breastfeeding?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t take Maca while breastfeeding. Although we cannot give medical advice, we encourage you to do some investigating of your own about the historical uses of Maca as it pertains to breast feeding and milk production.

Can I Use Maca During Pregnancy?

Yes! There is no reason to stop using Maca during pregnancy or nursing. However, if you have concerns we suggest always consulting with your physician. 

You say Maca is an adaptogen. What do you mean by this?

An adaptogen is a plant that is non toxic and totally harmless to the body. It must be non-specific, and support normal physiological functioning of the body, and Maca meets all of these requirements!

How much Maca can I take?

1-3 teaspoons a day, depending on your body’s sensitivity to Maca. Starting off with a lower dose is always the best choice!

What is Maca?

Maca root has been used for thousands of years by the native indians of Peru as an indispensable ingredient to health. Sometimes going by more exotic sounding aliases such Maca-Maca, Maino Ayak, Chichira, and Ayak Willku, Maca root is sure to evoke the feelings of vitality and vibrancy. Did you know that Maca root grows in the mountains of Peru and high altitudes of 7,000 to 11,000 feet? This makes it the highest growing plant in the world…but that didn’t stop us from bringing it to you. Enjoy!

Is there anyone who should not take Maca? If so, why?

We’re unaware of any potential damage that Maca could cause, but until formal research is reported, professionals advise people with high blood pressure, or hormone receptive cancer (such as breast or prostate cancer), to seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner regarding their specific condition.

Does Maca have an aphrodisiac effect on men and women?

Maca has historically been used for its uplifting qualities among the Peruvian natives. It has also undergone studies in the US regarding its libido qualities. Everybody reacts in their own way to different superfoods. The best way of answering this question is to try it out yourself!

Why are all BōKU® products Certified Organic? What does that mean?

Here at BōKU®, we firmly believe in the power of whole, healing foods. When it comes to organic food vs non-organic, the choice is easy for us. For something to be Certified Organic, it has to meet certain criteria that we believe all food should be upheld to. To be certified organic the food must contain NO GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism). To learn more about GMOs, see our FAQ “What is a GMO?” It also must be grown and harvested in a safe and sustainable manner, with NO artificial fertilizers, NO artificial pesticides and NO irradiation! Finally, it must contain NO artificial flavors, colors or preservatives!

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