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Does this contain aluminum?

Absolutely not. Sometimes there is confusion between sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a completely different product called baking powder, which contains aluminum. Only pure USP grade sodium bicarbonate is used in Boku Smile, no aluminum here!

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How often can I use the activated Charcoal?

Do NOT brush your teeth with activated charcoal everyday. Optimal use is 3-4 times per week. Activated charcoal is a teeth whitener and should not be used in place of ‘regular’ toothpaste. Overuse will permanently remove protective enamel and irritate the gums.

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Can you explain what makes “oral probiotics” so special?

According to a CDA article published by Dr. Grenier, PHD, “Probiotics are living microorganisms, principally bacteria, that are safe for human consumption and have beneficial effects on human health. Probiotic therapy is being considered for application in oral health due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Probiotics in gargling solutions or gum inhibit the production of volatile sulphur compounds that contribute to bad breath.” Smile Bites contain streptococcus salivarius, a …

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What are Boku Smile Bites?

In a nutshell! Boku Smile is a vegan, fluoride free, sodium lauryl sulfate free, 100% natural tooth powder used for brushing your teeth. We took the bad stuff out, left the good stuff in, added in bubbles (natural effervescence) and voila – thus was born Boku Smile

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Why don’t Sweet Berries totally dissolve?

BōKU® Sweet Berries are real Organic fruits that are low temperature dried and gently ground into a powder. Real whole fruits don’t dissolve in water. What does dissolve in water is sugary powder with artificial ingredients and chemicals.  This is what most people are used to in typical powdered “fruit drinks.” Remember to stir or shake your BōKU® Super Berries immediately before consuming for a blast of delicious nutrition!

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How do Sweet Berries Compare to Real Fruit Juice?

BōKU Sweet Berries contain the whole food. These berries are simply vine ripened, harvested fresh, gently dried at low temperature and powdered.  You are consuming the whole food, including fiber! Fruit juice does not contain the vital fiber and other constituents, often amounting to little more than concentrated sugar.

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What are Sweet Berries?

BōKU® Sweet Berries contain the same rock-star, doctor-formulated blend of 10 organic berries found in Boku Super Berries, but are perfectly sweetened with organic sugar, beet juice and Vermont maple syrup powder, so all you do is add pure water! Basically, a total “redo” of the artificial “Kool” powders we had as kids. Starting with a base of delicious Organic Goji Berry Juice, we carefully blend vibrant Organic berries until we …

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Is Sweet Berries safe for my kids?

BōKU® Sweet Berries is a smart and healthy choice to add a nutritional boost to your child’s diet. Like any other product, children and adults should not consume something if they are allergic. BōKU®Sweet Berries contain strawberries.

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