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Mariel Hemingway Now Officially a Boku Adviser!

Coming off the announcement of our endorsement deal with Kyle Kuzma, we have another exciting update about an incredible addition to the Boku team. Many of you are already aware of our involvement with Mariel Hemingway, Oscar-nominated actress and prominent health and wellness advocate. We are so very fortunate to now have her officially on board as an advisor!

Mariel’s work in the field of treating depression is inextricably linked to our cause as our superfoods contain extraordinarily high amounts of PREbiotics from fruit and vegetable fiber. PREbiotics are only thing that PRObiotics consume for fuel to multiply. By feeding the PRObiotics in our gut, we can help restore healthy gut balance and digestion.

But here’s the amazing part – experts believe that a balanced, healthy gut can actually produce more SEROTONIN, the feel good chemical of happiness in the brain!

Mariel knows all too well that there are an estimated 50+ million U.S. adults currently taking prescription antidepressant drugs.  These drugs’ primary role is help stimulate the production of serotonin in the brain. It is our strong belief that superfoods could present a more natural alternative to addressing depression.

Ms. Hemingway and her tireless work will help us raise awareness of the role that superfoods can play in benefitting both physical and mental health. Our hope is that together we can help alleviate the effects of depression on our society while advocating superfoods and healthy living.

The news just keeps on getting better as we continue unwrapping the powerful secrets of Mother Nature!  If you haven’t already, join Mariel and the Boku family as an investor. Visit our StartEngine campaign page to learn more.

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