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Natural Bug Off Spray

Natural Bug Off Spray

Spending time outdoors during the summer months can be a great way to enjoy the nice weather and to soak up some sun. However, spending time outdoors usually means that you are going to have to deal with bugs and insects. Insect and bug bites can not only be irritating because they itch or are bothersome, but they are also irritating because they can become infected. There is nothing much less attractive than being covered in bug bites. Sure, there are a lot of different insect and bug repellents out there, but many of them contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to use on a regular basis. It is easy to see why people would want to search for a more natural alternative. At Boku health food store, you can find natural Bug Off spray that can help keep bugs at bay while you are spending time in the great outdoors.

Save Money on All Natural Products

Many insect repellents contain chemicals that are not only bad for your skin, but are bad for the environment. Plus, insect sprays and repellents can be very expensive. If you are looking for a safe alternative to typical bug repellents that is cost friendly, you should definitely consider purchasing Bug Off spray at Boku. Bug Off spray is a natural mosquito repellent that is guaranteed to keep those pesky bloodsuckers away from you while you are outdoors. Mosquitoes are notorious for carrying diseases that could ultimately be fatal. Be sure to take extra precautions when spending time outdoors. Bug Off spray costs less than ten dollars, and you receive a four ounce bottle. Bug Off spray is completely free of DEET, which is one of the reasons why people find it so appealing. DEET is a common ingredient in bug repellent, but it can be dangerous.

Repel Mosquitos, Fleas, and Chiggers

Bug Off spray not only prevents mosquitoes from biting you, but also will keep fleas and chiggers at bay. Chiggers are a real pain in the neck because they are too small to see with the naked eye, but they can leave behind itchy, bothersome bites that can wreak havoc on your skin. Bug Off can also repel ticks and other insects that bite. Ticks are known for carrying Lyme disease, which can be fatal in some cases. What makes Bug Off so appealing is the fact that since it is DEET free, it can be used on pets and children of all ages. The bottle of Bug Off comes with a sprayer and mister for easy application.

Count on Boku for All Natural Products

Boku is a quality health food store that carries a long line of products that are healthy and environmentally friendly. Think about what happens to the DEET in conventional bug spray when you wash it off. That is right. It flows right down the drain into our waterways, which is not good for anyone. By opting to buy all natural products at Boku, you are making a conscious decision to better your health and the environment.

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