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Do not take for granted the importance of the toothpaste and mouthwash you use.

A healthy smile is so important that nearly 80% of advertisers use images of people smiling in order to sell their products. And, according to Psychology Today, when you smile, “you throw a little feel-good party in your brain.” That is, tons of happy chemicals called neurotransmitters are instantly released upon cracking a smile, including dopamine, serotonin and endorphins.

tooth smile happy feeling

Naturally, it should be a priority to take prime care of your teeth, brushing and rinsing away dullness and cavities with the most effective – and safe – oral care products available. But many people are unaware of what they’re putting into their mouths and bodies when they brush, so let’s break it down, and look at some safer, more effective alternatives.


baking soda teeth

Let’s scrap the idea of toothpaste all together and examine an ancient method that has been forgotten: tooth powder! Ancient Egyptians used a powdered concoction of pumice, burnt eggshells and ox hoof ashes to keep their teeth clean. BoKU Superfoods has revised the concept of ancient powdered toothpaste to reflect modern medical knowledge (and to make it much tastier).


Run-of-the-mill toothpastes contain an agent known as humectants, which put the “paste” in toothpaste. Most toothpastes use glycerin as a humectant, which coats your teeth like plastic wrap, preventing your teeth from its natural process of remineralization. Keep glycerin where it belongs – in soap!


BoKU Smile Powder does not require the usage of humectants, as it is not a paste. (This also has the added benefit of preventing a gooey mess.)


In our oral care routines, we aim to scrub-a-dub unbecoming residues, plaque and that yellowish dullness that comes from our routine consumptions of  wine, coffee and tea.

smile teeth

In order to get that stuff off and reveal our underlying pearly whites, an abrasive is required. The issue is that major toothpastes load their toothpastes with a variety of different abrasive agents that relentlessly scratch and scrape away the precious enamel on our teeth.


A dental powder like BoKU Smile Powder uses sodium carbonate, aka baking soda. Baking soda is a soft mineral that has been long appreciated for its abilities to both clean and whiten teeth. It lifts surface stains due to its mildly abrasive characteristics, but leaves your pearly whites unharmed. The impressively high alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate also battles the acids in the mouth that cause tooth decay.

tooth yellow white


The FDA requires a warning on all flouride toothpastes that reads: “Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.” Swallowing too much fluoride can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, and flu-like symptoms. This is known asacute fluoride poisoning, and it would only require about 3% of a standard- sized tube of toothpaste for a child to experience these symptoms. Eek.

poison tooth

And, a 2016 study on fluoride toxicity states that, “today, poisoning is mainly due to unsupervised ingestion of products for dental and oral hygiene and over-fluoridated water.”

So…why are we putting fluoride in our mouths, again?


There are much more natural ways to prevent cavities than using fluoride. Essential oils have been shown to prevent cavities. BoKU Smile Powder in particular uses peppermint oil and frankincense – no toxic fluoride necessary.

peppermint tooth


If you’re lucky, the toothpaste you’re using gets the trick done in scrubbing out food particles and diminishing plaque. But if you’re brushing 2-3 times a day, it seems pretty logical to put some extra goodness in there. WHY NOT?


BoKU smile powder contains an oral probiotic called streptococcus salivarius. Following childbirth, s. salivarius is a ‘good bacteria’ that naturally collects in the mouth and respiratory system of the newborn, protecting it from harmful bacteria. In dental products, it does the same, competing with ‘bad bacteria’. Therefore, s. salivarius is considered an oral probiotic!


Welcome to the revolution – the world’s first spitless mouthwash (that we know of)! Yes, that means that you can swish it around in your mouth, get the same anti-bacterial cleansing effect as regular mouthwash, and then swallow it! Yes, it’s safe enough and has probiotics to boot.


blue mouthwash tooth

Your run-of-the-mill electric blue mouthwash gives you that great tingly sensation that tricks you into thinking that your breath is as fresh as spring daisies. But, it’s not actually doing the bare minimum that it promises to do; it does not cure bad breath, but rather acts a very temporary mask. It’s akin to spraying perfume on a stinky foot. The perfume will wear off, and the sweaty smell will prevail.


The essential oils in BoKU Spitless Mouthwash perform deep cleaning with their antibacterial antimicrobial, and antifungal qualities. It’s actually very safe, so it can be used throughout the day as many times as necessary to keep the fight going strong.

The highly antimicrobial peppermint oil used in BoKU’s solution actually eliminates halitosis (bad breath) and is more effective in fighting cavities that the fluorescent stuff off the pharmacy shelf.

essential oil tooth

Spearmint oil also creates a healthy environment in the mouth with its antibacterial properties.

BoKU Spitless Mouthwash also contains Probiotic K-12, which competes with bad bacteria; probiotic mouthwash has been deemed an effective oral hygiene regimen.


Regular mouthwash labels alert you to call poison control or seek medical help immediately upon swallowing, and to be certain to keep out of the reach of children.

The most likely reason for this is the acute ethanol toxicity that comes from swallowing regular mouthwashes – that is, alcohol poisoning. The alcohol content present in most mouthwashes also increases the risk of oral cancer. Yikes!


There is no alcohol present in BoKU’s Spitless Mouthwash, and we actually recommend that you swallow it! It is also Fluoride & Lauryl Sulfate free. You’re safe to go with this one.

Other Ways to Help Your Teeth

You truly can cure tooth rot at home, as indicated by Ramiel Nagel, creator of Cure Tooth Decay. It takes some dedication and an adjustment in way of life, but it is possible. It starts with an eating routine that is free of sugar and refined starches that raise your blood glucose levels. High blood glucose levels mean issues for bones and teeth. Keeping your glucose in adjust is a key remedy for better wellbeing, including better dental wellbeing.

healthy tooth

A customary eating regimen that is rich in natural leafy foods, bone stock, aged sustenances, grassfed meat, and crude drain contains the vitamins and minerals essential for bone wellbeing, as per Weston Price, a dental specialist who studied conventional weight control plans and their impact on dental wellbeing. Dr. Value found that individuals following conventional weight control plans not just had enhanced dental wellbeing, their bone structure was extraordinary and their teeth were more grounded. In any case, for those of us who didn’t experience childhood with a conventional eating regimen, this remineralizing tooth powder can help cross over any barrier, while we get our eating methodologies all together.


It is finally time to switch up your oral hygiene routine, wouldn’t you say? Keep your mouth safe and fresh all day long by using BoKU’s effervescent tooth powder in the mornings and evenings, and carry aroundswallowable mouthwash gelin your purse or pocket for whenever your mouth needs a quick, bright pick-me-up!

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