BōKU Wholesale Program

Want to have BōKU® on your shelves? It’s easy! We just have a few simple ground rules:

Must be “BōKU®”licious

We take pride in what we do here, and need to make sure our products are going to the right home! We are not looking for conventional retail or grocery stores. We’re in the search for distributors that share our philosophy of health and wellness such as juice bars, fitness centers, and wellness centers.

Minimums! Hey, everybody’s gotta have them.

When stocking up on your delicious BōKU®, we require at least a $500 order.

No Online Sales

You can sell product directly to friends, family, neighbors, lovers, whoever! You can even put BōKU® on your own store shelf – as long as it’s not online, we’re okay with it.

Marketing & Advertising

We love our graphic design and marketing team! That’s why when selling BōKU® we require you to only used Approved Marketing Material provided by our awesome team members.

Resale Pricing

When selling BōKU®, you can set the price at whatever you’d like – as long as it doesn’t go below the set minimums!

Home Sweet Home

Whatever territory you were approved to sell BōKU® in is the one you have to stick to. (Example: If you live in the US – you can only sell to people in the US) If you have inquiries from outside your territory, let us know & we’ll see what we can do!


Joining the wholesale program

Now that you have become a wholesale customer, you will automatically be enrolled in our wholesale online pricing. This means, once you log in with your provided username, you will be automatically directed to our wholesale website. They may look the same, but your prices will appear to YOU ONLY at the discounted rate automatically. 

For more questions, please give us a call 805-650-2658.