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BōKU SUPER Travel Kit


Finally, a SUPER travel kit to accompany you on all your adventures!

  • 16 SUPER products – This kit will quickly become your favorite travel companion!
  • Kit includes personal care items such as Mouth Gel and Tooth Powder to keep you FRESH during long flights
  • Super Protein, Superfood, Super Fuel and Super Matcha to ward off jet lag and fatigue
  • IMMUNE boosting spray to keep protected and feeling your best 
  • See product details below for all items found in this SUPER Travel Kit!

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Product Description

BōKU SUPER Travel Kit Includes:

  • Mini travel SALT bag – An sturdy upcycled rice bag that helps SAVE LIVES in Cambodia with the Restore Cambodia non-profit. Perfectly fits all items included in the SUPER Travel Kit!
  • Reusable Storage Bags 3 pack – Fill with your favorite BoKU products! Won’t break open in suitcases or purses. Each bags replaces 300 plastic baggies!
  • Mouth Gel – BōKU Mouth is a vegan, fluoride and alcohol-free, 100% natural mouthwash. Using only gentle, yet effective ingredients like olive, peppermint, and spearmint oils, and healthy probiotics, you’ll finally feel good about putting something great into your mouth.
  • Smile Tooth Powder – This NATURALLY SOURCED, effervescent baking soda tooth powder neutralizes mouth acids, cleans TEETH and GUMS, and FRESHENS without fluoride
  • Tooth brush – Sustainable bamboo toothbrush
  • Immune tonic – Our doctor formulated, kosher certified, organic immune boosting tonic is made to support vitality of your whole immune system
  • Superfood soap – Using 100% certified Organic, Kosher, and Vegan Superfood powders, you’ll find magic in each bar. Using powdered superfoods, along with the finest quality oils, your skin will notice a difference after just ONE use! *Superfood soap scent is seasonal and availability based. Your superfood soap may be any of the 8 wonderful scents we rotate between!
  • Shaker bottle – Shake shake shake, shake your BōKU! Shake it up with our easy-to-use blender bottle. Complete with a stainless steel shaker ball, this BPA free bottle allows you to take your nutrition on the run
  • Immune candle massage – The aromatherapy Immune candle combines Mother Nature’s purest organic essential oils, with organic coconut wax in a proprietary, functional blend inspired by the ancient “Four Thieves” of the 15th century. Light to fill your home away from home with a beautiful aroma and also use for a luxurious moisturizer or massage oil.
  • Bottle sling – This sling is great for storage on the go! Use it to store your BōKU Water Bottle, cell phone, iPod, camera, etc!
  • Bug off – Bug Off Spray is specially formulated & handmade by Lynn’s mother of Marie’s Soap to repel mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers, ticks, and other biting insects. It is completely chemical-free, safe for the environment, and effective.
  • BōKU Patch – A custom, beautifully colored embroidered BōKU patch. With the easy heat-to-adhere application method, you can show off your love for BoKU on any of your favorite bags, sweatshirts or backpacks!

Samples Included:

  • 1oz sample superfood – This is the flagship BōKU product where it all began.  Born from the necessity of a mother seeking to do the best for her family, award winning BōKU Super Food delivers more nutrition in one serving than the average person will consume in several days!
  • 1oz sample fuel – Dr. BJ’s favorite  & most time-consuming formula to finish!  Designed specifically for the athlete and discerning clientele in mind, Super Fuel will give you that MIND & BODY lift you are looking for. Composed of rare and extremely effective ingredients, Super Fuel is the result of more than 5 years of research.
  • 1oz sample protein – With 18 grams of protein per serving, Super Protein 2.0 matches up gram for gram with leading whey protein powders. Unlike whey protein, our 100% plant-based protein powder is free of lactose and casein, common food allergens, antibiotics and hormones, making it the safe protein choice to enjoy daily. 
  • 1oz sample sweet matcha – Sweet Matcha has a Sweet Story!  Prized for nearly a thousand years in Asian cultures, Matcha is the secret of warriors and Kings!  Many also know it as “The Emperors Tea” and count it among the most potent and functional super foods on earth.  Matcha is typically available in several grades and is often consumed in a ritual that is held sacred by many in Japanese and other Asian cultures.  The key difference between matcha and conventional green tea or any other tea, is that with matcha, the entire tea leaf is consumed.  In fact, the word Matcha in Japanese actually means “powdered tea”.


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