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Coco Love- Vegan Hot Chocolate Blend


Elevate to a Super Natural Hot Chocolate Experience!

  • Mood boosting organic superfoods – including 20 medicinal mushrooms!
  • Incredibly smooth & delicious!
  • Only 9 grams sugar per serving
  • Just add hot water and stir!



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Product Description

Lovingly formulated with mood-elevating organic superfoods, this incredibly delicious vegan hot chocolate will warm your heart and soul while flooding your cells with healing nutrition!  From the first creamy sip, you will experience sweet chocolatey-goodness unlike anything before.  Say goodbye to ordinary drink powders and take your hot cocoa experience to the next level!  Simply add hot water, stir and enjoy!



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*Coconut Milk Powder
*Coconut Sugar
*Carob Powder
*Maple Syrup Powder
Boku 20 Mushroom Blend
*Agarikon, *Artist’s Conk, *Blazei, *Chaga, *Cordyceps, *Enoki,
*Hiratáke, *Honey Mushroom, *Lion’s
Mane, *Maitáke, *Mesima, *Poria,
*Reishi, *Scarlet Cordyceps, *Shiitáke,
*Suehirotáke, *Tremella, *True Tinder
*Polypore, *Turkey Tail, *Zhu Ling


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