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<p><strong>The Most Complex Wild-Crafted/Organic Mushroom Powder Blend</strong></p> <p>How many mushrooms are in your superfood powder? SUPER &#39;SHROOMS contains 20 fantastic fungi!&nbsp;Formulated by a naturopathic doctor, SUPER &#39;SHROOMS powder&nbsp;creates harmony for your mind, body, and spirit.&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>SUPER SYNERGISTIC POWERS OF &#39;SHROOMS</strong></p> <p>Long gone are the days when mushrooms were just a squishy pizza topping. These days, edible mushrooms are much more versatile and celebrated for their health benefits. Research shows that certain mushrooms are considered to be adaptogenic, helping to normalize the body&#39;s response to stress in a non-specific and non-toxic way. That means mushrooms may help improve adrenal function,&nbsp;lower cortisol levels, support the immune system and support hormonal balance, among other benefits.</p> <p>When certain herbal ingredients are combined (yes, certain edible mushrooms are considered herbs) there&#39;s an &quot;entourage&quot; effect. The synergistic effect of the 20 adaptogenic edible mushrooms is greater than their individual parts.&nbsp;</p> <p>As we like to say, edible mushrooms are the Swiss army knife of superfoods, boosting and fueling underperforming, sluggish systems of the body while down-regulating hyperactive ones.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <ul> </ul> <p><strong>Time-Tested, Research-Supported For Modern Uses</strong></p> <p>Used medicinally for thousands of years by traditional cultures all over the world,&nbsp;functional&nbsp;mushrooms are best known for their use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Chinese herbal medicine prominently features reishi and cordyceps mushrooms, the former for tonifying (strengthening) Qi energy and calming the spirit, while the latter supports the Lung and Kidney organ systems, according to TCM theory.</p> <p>SUPER &#39;SHROOMS contains both of these legendary mushrooms plus 18 others (see the full list below). Dozens of research studies support the traditional uses of edible mushrooms (including <a href="" target="_blank">this one</a> published in the International Journal of Microbiology, titled, &quot;Edible Mushrooms: Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life.&quot;</p> <p><strong>Not All Mushroom Powder Is Created Equal. Here&#39;s The SUPER &#39;Shrooms Difference...</strong></p> <p>As we like to say, the ingredients label on a package of food (or superfood powder) doesn&#39;t tell the whole story. And &quot;the magic&quot; of edible mushrooms comes from thousands of micro-compounds and nutrients you certainly won&#39;t see on any FDA food label.&nbsp;</p> <p>Edible mushrooms (the fruiting bodies of fungi) contain not only vitamins and minerals but also polysaccharides,&nbsp;beta-glucans,&nbsp;secondary metabolites, and&nbsp;different&nbsp;classes of antioxidants, including polyphenols&nbsp;and&nbsp;carotenoids.&nbsp;</p> <p>We work closely with our farmers to put together a special proprietary blend of 20 of the most nutritious, organic specialty mushrooms that are grown and cultivated in the USA.&nbsp; Inside the cell walls of mushrooms, there are polysaccharides, most noteworthy, Beta-Glucans. The 1,3 Beta Glucans are tightly&nbsp;bound to the cell walls and have a low degree of bio-availability in a raw mushroom. To overcome this and to increase the bio-availability of the constituents, the 20 SUPER &#39;SHROOMS&nbsp;undergo a steam extraction process that makes the nutrients more bio-available than hot water extraction.</p> <p>This process breaks down the cell wall to release the Beta Glucans.&nbsp;The mushrooms are then dried at room temperature and blended into a fine powder, releasing all of the available nutrients.&nbsp;</p>

Customer Reviews

Susan Kraft


Good stuff. Will add some each day!

Sandra Diane Newton


I love the product, however 2 oz is not enough. Do you have larger amounts?

Dave Wallace


Been taking the Shrooms for 8 months now. I do a lot of cycling of all types, I raced competitively for years. I must say I notice a next level mental clarity and my recovery is off the charts. I worked my way up 3-4 servings a day with a couple days off from it every couple days, it really gets you going. I have a whole regimen that works together with the Shrooms. I use plant based protein, oat milk, kale, chlorella, moringa, blueberries, flax, dragon fruit and add different fruits to it sometimes. That's everyday 2 a day. When you are exercising, following a clean diet, and using the Shrooms you will benefit the most. I'm feeling really good on the bike at 49 yrs old like I did in my 20's. I'm amazed at my recovery after putting on 60-80 mile rides. My focus on the disc golf course during tournaments has vastly improved. Boku has delivered prompt, loyal service. I love the fact they are located in beautiful Ojai. I trust the purity and reliability of this family owned company's products. Keep up the great work!



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