Boku Coco Love

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Trust us - this is not your average blend of hot cocoa. BoKU Coco Love is 100% guilt-free, 100% delicious, totally organic, contains only 9 grams of sugar per serving, and is packed full of nutrition that you would never expect in your hot chocolate! Featuring super mushrooms and organic cacao, you'll feel nourished and satisfied down to the very last creamy sip.

Who knew something so scrumptious could be considered a superfood? Coco Love features 20 mood-boosting medicinal mushrooms, including chaga, two different types of cordyceps, reishi, Lion's Mane, and tons of others. The foundation of the blend is organic cacao, which features many properties that increase feelings of happiness. Cacao is also chock full of flavonoids, which act as natural antioxidants. Imagine that! A creamy, delicious cup of cocoa can potentially slow the aging process! Wave adieu to all other hot chocolate powders for the sake of your physical and emotional wellbeing. Just add water or your favorite plant-based milk - that's all that's needed to whip up a tasty hot mug of Coco Love! 


The botanical name for cacao is 'theobroma' which translates into 'food of the gods.' Used as a currency by ancient Meso America people, cacao helps the body to trigger a 'feeling of well being.' Cacao is not to be confused with chocolate, even though all chocolate has a small percentage of cacao in it. However, most chocolates are filled with oils, milk products and additives, which destroy the health contributing benefits of cacao and cacao's intrinsically rich antioxidant roster. Antioxidants have been purported to help safeguard the body from aging.

Coconut Milk Powder 

Even in its powdered form, coconut milk retains all of its nutrients (other than water-soluble vitamins).

Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar is a great alternative sweetener to boring ol' table sugar due to its low glycemic index. Bonus: it also adds a nice molasses-y flavor.

Carob Powder

Carob is a tasty chocolate substitute that the Greeks have been using for over 4,000 years for its medicinal benefits. Vocalists chew on the carob pod for its repiratory benefits. Compared to chocolate, carob is very low in sugar, has zero caffeine content, and has twice the amount of calcium. It is also an excellent source of fiber.

Maple Syrup Powder

Maple syrup is already known for how much "yum factor" it adds to your pancakes. But this natural sweetener also includes a host of vitamins and minerals, as well as some powerful antioxidants. And among maple syrup’s various compounds is a newly-identified one named Quebecol, which is a compound uniquely created when Maple tree sap is boiled and turned into syrup. Certain antioxidant phenolic compounds have also been found in maple syrup (just don't chug it - it's still sugar!).

BoKU 20 Mushroom Blend: 

Agarikon, Artist’s Conk, Blazei, Chaga, Cordyceps, Enoki, Hiratáke, Honey Mushroom, Lion’s Mane, Maitáke, Mesima, Poria, Reishi, Scarlet Cordyceps, Shiitáke, Suehirotáke, Tremella, True Tinder, Polypore, Turkey Tail, Zhu Ling

  • Intensely rich in antioxidants
  • Full of adaptogenic mushrooms, adding a richer taste and innumerable health benefits
  • Increases sense of well-being
  • Helps the body adapt to stress hormones
  • No refined sugars
  • No additives
  • Organic
  • Vegan

Just add hot water, or your favorite plant-based milk! A scoop or two will do, but everybody has their own unique preference as to how rich they like it. Load up as much as you want with this guilt-free cocoa!

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