BōKU Mouth : World's First All natural Spitless Mouthwash! + Probiotic!

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Have you ever been out and about, needing a quick and effective way to freshen your breath before meeting up with an important someone? Our Spitless Mouthwash is an enjoyable and easily transportable way to freshen up any time of the day. All our ingredients are naturally sourced, so you can swish it around and then swallow it, and enjoy how delightfully clean your mouth feels afterwards! Each bottle contains about 75 servings.

    Olive Oil

    Olive oil has been used in the ancient method of oil pulling, which involves swishing oil around the mouth for 5-20 minutes, acting as a deep cleanser.


    Hydrated silica is found all throughout nature, especially in beautiful crystals such as the mystical opal and quartz. In oral hygiene products, hydrated silica is utilized most for its ability to gently scuff away plaque.

    Spearmint Oil

    The benefits of essential oils in toothpaste go far beyond just a tingly, refreshing taste. Spearmint oil also has major anti-bacterial properties that create a healthy environment inside the mouth. Also, if there is any discomfort in your mouth (tongue, gums, or inside the cheeks or lips), spearmint oil is known to treat pain.


    Menthol is derived from mint oils - most commonly peppermint oil - and has a delightfully cooling sensation. It freshens and prevents bad breath.

    Natural Plant Saponins

    A foaming agent that comes straight from Mother Earth.

    Monk Fruit

    Monk fruit, also known as luo han guo, has been long used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is a phenomenon in the world of natural sweeteners. Even with its delicious sweetness, monk fruit has not been shown to contribute to tooth decay, making it the perfect sweetener for a yummy toothpaste.

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is a nutrient and an antioxidant, used by many people internally as well as externally to help fight off free-radicals.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is not just for preventing colds and flus! When used in oral hygiene products, vitamin C helps to prevent and treat gum disease!


    Peppermint oil contributes to the bright and lively flavor profile of our unmatchable mouthwash, but is also highly functional to your oral health. The antimicrobial qualities of peppermint oil freshens your breath naturally. Peppermint oil has also been shown to reduce cavities more than the chemicals in harsh mouthwashes. Oh, and if you're experiencing any soreness in your gums, the peppermint might just have you covered.

    Probiotic K-12

    Despite its formidable name, streptococcus salivarius is neither a virus nor a magical incantation. In fact, following childbirth, s. salivarius is a 'good bacteria' that naturally collects in the mouth and respiratory system of the newborn, protecting it from harmful bacteria. In dental products, it does the same, competing with 'bad bacteria'. Therefore, s. salivarius is considered an oral probiotic! Just don't try saying it 5 times fast...

    • Replaces regular mouth wash for daily use
    • Fluoride & Lauryl Sulfate free
    • Naturally sourced ingredients only
    • No artificial sweeteners
    • Alkalizes the mouth, creating hostile environment for bacteria
    • Contains probiotics
    • Cruelty free
    • Bright and fresh taste


    • Mouth Gel: Use in place of mouth wash. Squirt a few pumps in the mouth, swish, and swirl vigorously throughout your entire mouth for 60 seconds or more, and swallow. No need to spit!
    • Family friendly for daily use