Super Matcha Green Tea

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  • NO spikes, jitters, or crashes
  • Matcha is known as EMPEROR’S TEA & has been used for centuries
  • WHOLE LEAF Powder – with naturally occurring ANTIOXIDANTS
  • Organic, Vegan, Kosher, & Gluten-Free

Matcha Green Tea is a special type of powdered GREEN TEA designed to be whisked with hot or cold water. 

  • HAND PICKED, making it the FINEST TEA available.
  • The green tea leaves are in the shade away from the sun, decreasing photosynthesis and thus increasing the CHLOROPHYLL and AMINO ACID content.
  • Perfect low calorie, NUTRIENT delivering beverage
  • No sugar

When to Take:

  • Great ORGANIC replacement for coffee, energy drinks, and soda
  • Use anytime you need a NATURAL boost

How to take:

  • Whisk into 10 oz of cold or hot water. Sweeten to taste if desired.


Must Try Matcha Recipes!


  • No spikes, jitters or crashes
  • Antioxidants
  • Chlorophyll and amino acids
  • L-theanine
  • No sugar


Matcha Green Tea

Enjoying a cup of Matcha green tea first thing in the morning counteracts noxious substances by bringing the body to an alkaline state. This allows the toxins that the body processed during sleep to pass quickly and easily through our urine and stool. Matcha also contains beneficial amounts of caffeine (without the crash) that helps to boost your metabolism. But what matcha is perhaps best known for is its impressive profile of antioxidants.