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Low blood pressure is not as common or as potentially serious as high blood pressure and many consider it a healthy condition. But low blood pressure can be problematic in terms of low energy, sensitivity to cold (and cold extremities), dizziness when suddenly sitting or standing, and circulation disorders, such as baldness and skin problems.considered to be hereditary, but other factors may be involved, including diet and breathing habits (chronic low or shallow breath). 

low blood pressure


Superfood Cacao Fruit

You have several options that can help raise your blood pressure to normal levels, mostly involving lifestyle and diet choices. Here are some things that can help alleviate low blood pressure:

  • Pure cocoa (dark chocolate) helps to regulate blood pressure (both high and low).
  • Increase your intake of spices like cumin, curry, tumeric, and cayenne.
  • Check for thyroid imbalance and treat with kelp, walnuts, and selenium supplements.
  • Get plenty of vigorous exercise.


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