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Super Foods To Treat Burns


The most common form of burn is from simple heat from the sun, fire, or other hot object. The same heat that can cook your food can dry out and burn your skin, causing redness, blistering, tissue damage, and scarring. Burns can also be caused by chemicals, electricity, and radiation.

A first­degree burn damages only the skin tissue. These can usually be treated at home with natural remedies and normally heal in a few days. Second­degree burns damage the nerves and tissues under the skin and often result in blistering. These also usually can be treated at home (sedond­degree burns in children should be treated at a medical facility). Third­degree burns cause serious damage to the skin and can remove large portions of skin from the body. These burns should be treated by health care practitioners at a specialized burn unit. But even with third­degree burns, there are some things you can do to help stop the burning and help the healing process.



First­degree or second­degree burns can be treated at home, using one or more natural remedies to ease the pain, reduce blistering and scarring, and clean the burned area. Here are the essentials:

  • Immediately run cold water over the burn or soak the burned area in cold water. Continue for as long as necessary until the pain subsides—the longer the better. The cold water also helps keep blisters from forming. A burned area of skin also is a massively dehydrated area. For the best rehydration of the skin, use Willard Water or other carbon­activated water (CAW).
  • Apply aloe vera pulp or papaya pulp to the wound. Add a few drops of lavender or calendula oil for their extra healing properties.
  • Keep the wound clean using John’s wort oil (a few drops diluted in a cup of water).

Treatments For Reduce Burn

Other Considerations

 oregano oil

You can apply plantain pulp or extract or potato pulp to the burned area. The starches in these plants cool and soothe as they help add moisture, thus minimizing scarring and blistering. Plantain also helps clean the area. Replace minerals that escape your body through the burn by taking a mineral supplement, bee pollen, or Spirulina. A few drops of oregano oil can help disinfect broken blisters from the burn (remember, a blister is a burn caused by friction).

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