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Super Foods To Treat Candida

Candida Albicans / Thrush / Yeast Infection

The fungi that cause Candida are present in almost everyone; in the mouth, intestines, and vagina. Normally, these fungi live harmoniously with the rest of the body’s flora. However, when they are allowed to grow out of control, they can cause the condition known as Candida, or yeast infection. Vaginal candidiasis, or vaginal yeast infection, will affect three­fourths of all women in America—many of them several times. Symptoms include:

  • Vaginal itching or irritation
  • A thick, often milky and sour­smelling vaginal discharge
  • Itching, burning, or irritation at the vaginal opening

Other types of Candida may cause rashes on the hands and moist, covered areas of the body, such as the feet, crease of the buttocks, folds of the breasts, underarms, and genitals. The rash usually manifests with redness, itching, and irritation.

Candida Albicans

Candida of the mouth, also known as Thrush, appears as soft, white patches on the tongue, lips, and cheeks. It is usually painless, but itching and irritation may be present.

What Causes Candida?

There is really only one cause of Candida: a lack of normal body flora (mainly intestinal, vaginal, and oral) that normally would keep the Candida yeast fungi in balance with the rest of the body’s flora. Many things might cause this imbalance:

  • Antibiotics and chemotherapy: Medication that eliminates healthy body flora is one of the principal causes of Candida. This includes common antibiotics, AIDS medications, and birth control pills.
  • Diet: Poor nutrition may cause a deficiency in the immune system that can lead to the proliferation of Candida fungi.
  • Blood sugar levels: High blood sugar levels can increase the risk of Candida infections.
  • Thrush is common in diabetics and AIDS patients.
  • It should be noted that recurrent candidiasis signals the possibility of diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, or underlying immune deficiency syndromes.

Superfoods Candida


Two keys are needed to eradicate candidiasis. First, reduce the yeast in your diet (or exposure to yeast externally, if your yeast infection is topical). This means no more fermented foods like wine, beer, soy sauce, cheese, and pickled foods. Stop drinking and eating sugars and simple carbs like bread, since these cause blood sugar levels to rise, creating exactly the environment that yeast thrives in.

Second, increase your healthy body flora by taking probiotic cultures and eating yogurt with live cultures, kefir, or dahi. A variety of these foods is best. Your probiotic supplements should be taken 2 to 3 times per day for at least 30 days. For vaginal yeast infection, insert a probiotic capsule inter­vaginally once or twice per week in addition to the above daily oral doses. For intestinal yeast infection, causing diarrhea and food sensitivities, use a probiotic capsule as an enema once or twice per week in addition to the oral dosages.

fermented foods

For yeast infection on the hands or other external regions, apply garlic oil or oregano oil to the infected area 2 to 3 times per day. Dilute these oils 1:4 parts with mineral oil or sweet almond oil. Application of these oils should sting at first—that’s just the antifungal oil doing its job.

Other Considerations

Additionally, taking colloidal silver orally can help cure yeast infections; it is an extremely powerful antibacterial that is effective even against Candida. The oral use of colloidal silver is somewhat controversial, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been trying to suppress and even ban its medicinal use since the 1940s, but many natural health experts agree that colloidal silver is perfectly safe if reputable brands are used in the appropriate dosages for the appropriate length of time.

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