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Super Foods To Treat Cold Intolerance

Chills / Cold Sensitivity / Shivers

Tired of always having to wear an extra sweater or jacket wherever you go? Do you avoid movie theaters because you’re always shivering in your seat from the freezing temperatures? Well, there’s a cure and it’s easy to come by.

If you are frequently cold or get cold easily, suffering from chills, shivering, and cold intolerance, natural therapies can be very effective. Extreme sensitivity to cold (getting cold even when others are warm) is a sign of possible dietary imbalances and should be treated. You will feel warmer and probably have more energy too.

Superfoods To Cold Intolerance

What Causes Cold Intolerance?

Cold intolerance means a person may have difficulty staying warm or simply gets cold very easily. This can be a sign of poor health due to a variety of conditions, including

  • Thyroid imbalance
  • Adrenal imbalance
  • Chronic respiratory conditions
  • Low blood pressure
  • Poor digestion
  • Protein deficiency
  • Nutritional deficiencies, particularly B vitamins and iron
  • Anorexia

Chills are often associated with fever and may be caused by an infection.

Causes Cold Intolerance

Treatments for Cold Intolerance

Chills can be reduced or regulated in a variety of ways. For permanent increased body heat, try the following essential treatments:

  • Substantially increase protein intake.
  • Substantially increase exercise.
  • Take liquid B­complex and C vitamins.
  • Get plenty of amino acids.
  • Add spices to your meals. Spices like cayenne, tumeric, curry and red pepper increase your heart rate and warm your body.

Prevent Cold Intolerance

Herbs such as chamomile, ginger, boneset, and yarrow can help relieve chills. Adding cayenne pepper to food can boost the digestive fire and improve circulation. See Blood Pressure (Low) for more information about enhancing circulation.


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